Your Past Could be Affecting Your Fitness and Worth with Christa Hannon


Today, I am thrilled to introduce a special guest to you, Christa Hannon, on the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, as we dive into an important topic: how our past can affect our ability to get fit and know our worth. From childhood traumas to past attempts at getting fit, we must spot the issues that are keeping us from God's best for us. This episode will show you how.

Christa Hannon shares her story in this Strong. Confident. HIs. Podcast Episode about how forgiveness was crucial to her freedom. She battled with her weight and her worth, but God used her struggle to teach her His love and acceptance of her, and now she teaches other women the same through a fitness class called Fitness and Flowers.

Many of us find ourselves stuck in a rut, weighed down by past experiences or failures. It’s crucial to remember that God is using these moments to shape us. So, don’t give up!

Only God Defines You

One of the most liberating truths in Christianity is that...

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How to Take Your Seat at the Table: With Emmy-Nominated Host Megan Alexander

Today, we have a special treat for you on the Strong. Confident. His. Podcast– an inspiring conversation with the talented and Emmy-nominated national host, Megan Alexander.  You might recognize her from CBS's "Inside Edition," Thursday Night Football, or the Country Music Awards.

Not only is she a familiar face on television, but Megan is also a bestselling author, mama to three, and the host of the holiday travel show, "Small Town Christmas." 

Megan and I sat down to discuss the importance of faith in culture and as women of God, we need to take our seat at the table God has prepared for us.

Here are the conversation topics, but please listen to this episode on the podcast player above or watch the live taping below!

Taking Your Seat at the Table

Megan Alexander shared some powerful insights. 

She said, You have more power than you think. What matters to you? What are the non-negotiable? What if we could raise up strong solid women of faith in...

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