If you're a Christian Woman who struggles with:

  • Gaining control over food and losing weight
  • Feeling exhausted from trying to get fit
  • Not feeling worthy to reach your goals


Here's a Bible-based answer for you to start becoming God's best version of yourself today.

Learn A Christian Woman's Solution to Dieting and Losing Weight


  • Learn key Biblical principles & end the frustrating cycle of dieting
  • Get a 5-step Scripture-based system to gain control over food
  • Trade willpower for walking in the Holy Spirit Gift of self-control
  • Prayer and graphics to rely on God's strength and grace
  • Download a God-made vs. man-made food list for simple exchanges equalling big results 
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Get Fit God's Way

  • Learn to rely on His strength to power Your workouts
  • How to set F.A.I.T.H. fitness goals
  • How to create your F.I.T. Power Hour
  • 10 ways to spend time in the Word
  • 10 ways to workout
  • 10 ways to spend time in prayer, reflection and gratitude
  • 10 Ways to get an hour back in your day
  • Word-based prayer to encourage you to take care of yourself
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Kim Dolan Leto-Get-Fit-God's-Way


When you securely place your identity in Christ, you are UNSTOPPABLE! Start seeing yourself through HIS eyes with these faith-filled tools.

Seeing yourself through the eyes of Christ puts an end to: comparison, pride, feeling unworthy, insecurity, feeling not good enough, struggling with past sin, shame, feeling you're too old, or it's too late.

Arming yourself with who God says you are, will lift the lies from your heart.


  • 20 Bible-based confidence builders
  • 5 Radical mindset shifts that will lift the lies from your heart and fill you with Godly confidence
  • A Word-based Prayer to place your identity securely in Christ 
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Kim Dolan Leto-Godly Confidence
Kim Dolan Leto-Power Up Challenge

Power Up Challenge!

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I want to know how these faith-filled resources are helping you.

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  • My workout series: F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation
  • Christian Swag

Remember, God only made one you, and you are worth taking care of!

You are Strong. Confident. His.

He calls you His masterpiece. You are a piece of the Master.

In Him, you've got this!

From heart to yours, God bless,