Stay Fit Summer Checklist for Traveling and Vacations


Today, I’m diving into how to stay fit over the summer and while traveling, God's Way. Let's get started!

Have you ever noticed how distractions increase during summer vacations, pulling your focus away from your routine, your fitness goals, and your time with God? Remember, if the enemy can steal your health, he can steal your future. From June to August, everything seems to be about indulgence and relaxation, but we should celebrate our blessings without losing sight of our health and wholeness. The stress of perfect vacations, activities, and appearances can make us forget Jesus.

Summer is like a long, extended holiday. There is a huge temptation to think, "I’m too busy, I don’t have time to read my Bible," or "I’ll eat whatever I want and skip my workouts for the next few months and really go for it in the fall." We've all been there. Remember how far this sets you back. Ignorance is not bliss; we reap what we sow and don't want to start the fall...

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