Unveiling The Truth About Our Marriage

My Husband Bill Leto and I Met 25 Years Ago

Don’t you love a sneak peek into someone’s real life? Me too! Well on this episode my husband, Bill Leto, and I are peeling back the curtain and inviting you into our personal lives. It’s about to get real and kind of embarrassing, but it’s all for God’s glory. 

In this new episode of The Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, we share the not-so-perfect truths about us and how God brought us together.

This episode is one you need to listen to. Press that play button above.

Whether you’re single or married, this will bless you. 

Here is a small sample of the things we chatted about: 

  • If you’re single, hear how we met. Hint he was on a date with someone else!
  • If you went through a divorce, and think you’ll never find someone again, you will be inspired by my husband’s story.
  • If you want your husband to go to church, hear how Bill’s heart changed for God.
  • If you...
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