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Part 2 Holiday Checklist: Detoxing, Food Swaps, & Excuse Proof Work...

Holiday Checklist: 9 Tips to Stay Healthy, Happy, and Fit

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Need to Break an Addiction? Look What God Did in Alice’s Life

Answering Your Questions, LIVE! Coaching Session

Oct 08, 2022

How to be Consistent with Healthy Eating, Working Out, and Staying ...

Sep 20, 2022

50 Powerful Christian Quotes to Inspire Your Fitness Every Day!

Sep 13, 2022

New Level New Devil: Know How to Spot these Traps!

Sep 07, 2022

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Every week, I’ll be here to serve you and help you create lasting results through actionable steps, free downloads, faith fueled fitness tips and prayer.

Let me share why this works, in Christ, we have the… 

Power to walk in self-control

Promise to rely on His strength

Peace to see ourselves through His eyes

What listeners are saying…

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My daughter struggles with body image, so this Podcast is SO needed. Teaching my daughter to see herself through Christ is pure gold!

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After reading Kim’s book, F.I.T. I needed a way to stay on track with God in my fitness. Thank you Kim for answering my prayers.

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I love how Kim teaches me to focus on who I am in God and not place my value in the way I look, money or other’s opinions of me.

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I never knew God cared or that I could rely on Him to help me get my eating under control. Thank you, Kim for teaching me that God is my wisdom and my strength.

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I’ve been hoping Kim would do a podcast for 3 years! It’s finally here!
Kim Dolan Leto-Strong-Confident-His-Podcast

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