Faith Inspired Transformation, F.I.T.

The Christian Health & Fitness Answer For Women

The worldly approach to weight loss and fitness is overwhelming, exhausting, and driven by an emotional rollercoaster of dieting failures. 

In this one-of-a-kind best-selling book, Kim Dolan Leto guides you through a clear Bible-based roadmap to help you:

  • Gain control over food and lose weight
  • Rely on God's strength to power your workouts
  • Gain confidence seeing yourself through His eyes
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"F.I.T. and Kim’s testimony was my inspiration last year. From June to December I lost 40 pounds and just completed a 5K.

It wasn't another program I needed, it was prayer, surrender and a spirit-led walk!

All glory to God!.”

– Patty Davis

Kim is a Faith And Fitness Expert with Her Work Featured On:

If you’re tired of always feeling like you don't know how to get fit, you don’t have the time, or maybe wonder if it’s just too late – but you’re ready to start becoming God’s best version of you, 

The 10 Bible-based steps revealed in this book are Your Answer.


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The F.I.T. Workout Series

 A Faith-Filled workout for all Fitness levels.  

If you’re exhausted from trying to get fit in your own strength and need motivation to be God’s best version of you...

The F.I.T. Workout Video Series is your answer.

Your Faith Inspired Transformation Workout includes:

  • Intermediate, Beginner, & Advanced workouts you can do anywhere!
  • Quick 20-minute workouts that include full body, core and a cardio push to torch calories.
  • A Bible-based mindset challenge to push your results to another level.
  • Scripture to strengthen you and transform you from the inside out.
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Results from F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation

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"I've lost 11 pounds since starting F.I.T. and it totally changed my view about my health and how I can and need to make God my strength and focus for my F.I.T. journey, and since starting your book and applying it to my life, I have had the MOST steady, consistent success in my health journey than I have had in almost 20 years. Not only am I losing inches, I'm having steady progress and making it about a lifestyle to honor God not just reach a number on the scale or look a certain way! F.I.T. has finally helped me find a path of freedom for my health and fitness and it is wonderful. When I get discouraged, I just pick up my F.I.T. book and remind myself of truth and strategies to get my focus back. My heart stays encouraged and it keeps me keeping on! It works!"


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"I have been following the F.I.T. plan for over 30 days now and it has been a blessing for me. The consistency with being conscious of prayer, studying the bible, and working out has helped me manage my stressful career. In just one month I walked/jogged over 100 miles, lost 7lbs, and went down 2 dress sizes. I am hearing from the Lord consistently through prayer and study time! I remind myself of who I am in Christ so that I avoid having a negative image of my body. I am a masterpiece. One of a kind. Created by Almighty God to serve a great purpose for His Kingdom."


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"Since starting F.I.T., I have been dedicating my time with the Lord and I'm learning how to surrender everything. Each morning I read scripture and devotions. I have been unhealthy for way too long. Years of stress and unhealthy living, yo-yo dieting and spiritual living has left me in a major place of personal self evaluation. I have taken the first steps of my challenge to repent and start fresh with the Lord. I'm giving Him my best. Next, my goal is to allow Him to teach me and guide me with my physical health. I was born strong and healthy and I will be strong and healthy again. I'm thankful the Lord's mercies are new every morning!"


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