Hormonal Weight Gain, Metabolic Resistance, Ozempic, and More! Your Questions Answered by Dr. Wazny

Do you ever wish you had a doctor who could answer your questions? Well, today is your day! Join Dr. Wazny, and me as he answers questions about:

Hormones and Weight:

  • April asks for advice on hormonal health, eating, exercise, and weight loss for women over 40.
  • Wendy seeks recommendations for transitioning through perimenopause.
  • Lizelda wonders if menopausal symptoms can occur despite normal blood work.
  • K.C. inquires about checking for hormonal effects on weight gain and natural weight loss strategies, including foods and exercises to avoid due to cortisol.
  • Karie wants to know if it's possible to lose body fat and gain muscle post-menopause.


  • Nataliya seeks natural ways to improve sleep quality.


  • Wendy asks about the risks of not taking cholesterol-lowering medication and natural methods to lower cholesterol.
  • Sheila wonders if certain medications can raise cholesterol levels.

Heart Health Tests:

  • Amanda, concerned about her heart health, asks about...
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