Hormonal Weight Gain, Metabolic Resistance, Ozempic, and More! Your Questions Answered by Dr. Wazny

Do you ever wish you had a doctor who could answer your questions? Well, today is your day! Join Dr. Wazny, and me as he answers questions about:

Hormones and Weight:

  • April asks for advice on hormonal health, eating, exercise, and weight loss for women over 40.
  • Wendy seeks recommendations for transitioning through perimenopause.
  • Lizelda wonders if menopausal symptoms can occur despite normal blood work.
  • K.C. inquires about checking for hormonal effects on weight gain and natural weight loss strategies, including foods and exercises to avoid due to cortisol.
  • Karie wants to know if it's possible to lose body fat and gain muscle post-menopause.


  • Nataliya seeks natural ways to improve sleep quality.


  • Wendy asks about the risks of not taking cholesterol-lowering medication and natural methods to lower cholesterol.
  • Sheila wonders if certain medications can raise cholesterol levels.

Heart Health Tests:

  • Amanda, concerned about her heart health, asks about tests for plaque buildup besides blood work.


  • Lily asks if there are natural alternatives to thyroid medication.


  • Brittany queries about essential blood work and its frequency.

Metabolic/Insulin Resistance:

  • Michelle seeks strategies to overcome metabolic resistance.


I couldn’t possibly convey to you all of the information Dr. Wazny provided me in a blog! Listen to this episode above or watch it below!

Get ready to gain insights from a physician who truly cares and possesses a wealth of knowledge.

Meet Dr. Wazny: Joining us today is Dr. Phil Wazny, a certified and licensed naturopathic physician recognized for his academic excellence, compassion, and perseverance. Dr. Wazny pursued a career in Naturopathy due to its emphasis on disease prevention and lifestyle optimization. He focuses on addressing the root cause of ailments and partners with patients to achieve optimal health. Read His full bio here.


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