Find Out Why Your Fitness Plan Isn’t Working and How to Fix It! The Christian Women’s Summit Replay


*This is a special bonus episode with behind-the-scenes content from The Christian Women’s Summit: Restoring Faith, Body and Soul. I heard the many requests for a live stream or replay and made it my goal to make this available to you.

*For behind-the-scenes pictures and video, check them out on Facebook or Instagram.


Have you ever wondered…

  • If God cares about your struggles with food and fitness?
  • How to get your eating under control?
  • Why it’s so hard to stay motivated?
  • How to have a healthy body image?
  • Why worldly fitness answers don’t work?

Sister, I can promise you right now that God cares about you and every struggle or thought you have ever had.

Ladies come to me constantly wondering why they aren’t seeing results, why the fat isn’t melting, and the muscle building. They are doing everything their diet says to do.

Worldly fitness doesn’t work or last forever today I am revealing why.

Worldly Fitness...

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You’re Invited! Christian Women’s Fitness Summit: Restoring Faith, Body and Soul


Come get a breakthrough in your fitness, God’s way!

I’m so excited to invite you to the Christian Women’s Summit 2023: Restoring Faith, Body and Soul to get the Bible-based steps you’ve been missing in your fitness!

What’s included in the Christian Women’s Summit 2023: Restoring Faith, Body and Soul?

  • Health Expo
  • Panel of Faith and Wellness Experts
  • Worship
  • Workout
  • Healthy Food & Cold-Press Juices

I'm the keynote speaker and I have been working hard, in constant prayer, putting together a message, a gift, and a fun little workout together for you.

How Much Is It?

‌This is a FREE EVENT! A VIP Experience is offered and you can learn more about it here!

This would be perfect for a girl's weekend trip with your best girlfriends!

‌CLICK THIS LINK TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT. WE ONLY HAVE 30 SEATS LEFT: The Word Orlando Christian Women's Summit 2023

“I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul...

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