Why is No One Talking About This? Here’s a Better Answer to Fitness


Today, I’m giving Christian women the answers I needed. No one told me this, so after many, many years of doing fitness the wrong way, God showed me why it wasn’t working and how to do it right, so I’m sharing this with you.

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Fitness experts and influencers are telling you you need to eat this macro split, you have to workout for hours a day, and when you scroll through social media you will see people’s highlights reels of how they got extreme results, but what you have to ask yourself is how much of this is healthy and is it maintainable?

I was a fitness model and competitor, and I can assure you that It’s nearly impossible for a woman to maintain incredibly low body fat. So let’s talk about what no one is talking about.

What is Extreme Dieting?

Extreme dieting and obsessively working out is disordered and unhealthy. And what’s worse is that fitness can make you feel like a fraud, if you’ve ever gotten fit, coached or competed in it, because people will always hold you to some ideal, and this creates shame and a disconnect between who you are now and how people think of you.

Before I share a much healthier approach to fitness, and some statistics that will shock you, I want to share that I am a Christian woman who has lived through the emotional torment of trying to find answers to getting fit, losing weight, and finding peace with my body.

Why is Fitness Not Talked About in the Church?

I believe with all my heart that the Church needs to be talking about dieting, fitness, body image. I’ve never heard a message about these things in Church, which begs the question why are we leaving fitness and body image out of the conversation?

Every Sunday I sit in Church and hear about getting connected in a small parenting, marriage, or finance group. We have small groups for everything else, but not fitness.

There is a disconnect in the Christian life, we are taught to seek God first in everything, but not fitness. I have my reasons for why this is and I will share that Christians have a hierarchy of sin, right like it’s bad to be an alcoholic or steal, but gluttony is okay.

Mainstream Fitness Was The Only Answer

I want to give Christian women the answers I needed! No one told me I needed to seek God first in my fitness, so after years of doing it the world's way, God showed me how to do it His way! While I always loved Jesus, I never saw how unhealthy fitness was until God revealed it to me and set me free.


So I Created A Christian Fitness Brand


The Breakthrough Workshop Will Help You Friend, Take it Here! 

Rejected by Almost Every Christian Publisher and Literary Agents

I will never forget the personal pain I went through when I went from mainstream fitness to wanting to build a Christian fitness brand.

I was rejected by publishers and told I needed to lose muscle and gain body fat to be more relatable! The most painful thing that happened to me was I hired a company to help me and they said they had a lot of work to do because of all my fitness pictures on the internet, and they said they made me look like a blank, I’m not going to say the word.

This broke me for a moment. In fact, just talking about the judgment I went through makes me emotional! 

Here's the truth, I knew in my heart other women felt like me, and I fought through all the emotions from being rejected and called awful names to show up for the girl I used to be…

Did you know that what we often refer to as health and fitness falls under the category of disordered eating?

Healthline describes disordered eating habits as:

  • avoiding entire food groups, certain macronutrients,
  • binge-eating engaging behaviors, such as exercising to “make up for” food you’ve consumed
  • feeling guilt, disgust, or anxiety before or after eating
  • participating in fad diets to lose weight
  • engaging in purging behaviors, such as using laxatives or making yourself vomit to control your weight
  • tracking food or calories to the point of preoccupation

While disordered eating isn’t considered an eating disorder by itself, people who engage in disordered eating are at high risk of developing eating disorders over time. Source

Orthorexia is a term that describes an obsession with eating healthy food, and Exercise Addiction is a real term!

There is a problem here, do you see it?

The diet industry is a 72 Billion dollar a year industry yet the CDC says 73% of us are overweight or obese! Here’s another statistic that will shock you: 91% of diets fail and people gain all the weight back within 5 years.

If you have lived through endless failed diets and have spent the majority of your life with an internal conversation of "Why did I eat that, I need to work out harder," it’s time to get free.

The Bible tells us...

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1 NKJV

How to Stop Letting Dieting Control You

Dieting is a yoke of bondage or slavery it controls us, but we are supposed to live free and for Christ.

The good news is we can change our relationship with food and fitness and find peace by making God the centerpiece.

After 20 years in the fitness industry, many failed attempts, and a lifetime of Christ working in me, I found an answer to fitness that is not disordered, but rather creates peace, heals your relationship with your body and food, and teaches you a framework you can follow daily to find results.

I’m sharing it in a free workshop called How to Breakthrough Worldly Fitness Traps That Are Keeping You Stuck in Defeat: 3 Proven Steps to Help You Get Free and Fit God’s Way

Learn my 3 S Success Formula:

Seek God first
Surrender it to Him daily
Show Up in the power of the Holy Spirit and do your part

Seek + Surrender + Show Up = Success


The Breakthrough Workshop Will Help You Friend, Take it Here! 

This Breakthrough Workshop will help you learn answers that work for your life because the best strategy is to create a lifestyle centered on foods and movement that lights you up and motivates you versus penalizing yourself for what you eat and whether or not you work out, and most importantly finding your worth in Jesus, not the world.

I'm excited to see you in the workshop! Click on the image below to join.





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