7 Keys to Peace with God and Yourself

Don’t you want more peace? Have you ever really felt peace? I’m talking about the peace that only Jesus brings, not the I feel relaxed after a massage of peace. I’m talking about peace right in the middle of the craziness of your day, a peace that makes you find rest for your soul. 

Our peace affects our health in so many ways that it is vital that we stay in peace.

  • Stress leads to weight gain, high blood pressure, and more.
  • Guilt and shame can cause unhealthy coping habits.
  • Unresolved anger and emotions can lead to depression and anxiety.

 This is why the enemy wants your peace. He's after your health: Mind, Body, and Soul!

Today I’m going to help you get this kind of peace! God wants His daughters equipped, so I’m giving you a Strong. Confident. His. plan for peace that works!

My prayer is that after you listen to this, you will fully enjoy the peace of God in all circumstances and begin to spot and stop taking the bait of Satan that rob...

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