Overcome Your Insecurities with God's Truth and Presence



God's Presence is Where You Will Find Your Worth

In this new Strong. Confident. His. Podcast, I share How to Overcome Insecurity With God's Truth and Presence, as well as a challenge that will serve as a daily guide to help you.

Insecurity can be a debilitating force that impacts our emotional and physical health as well as the plans God has for our lives. But when we anchor ourselves in God's word and seek His presence, we can find the strength and confidence to overcome these feelings and know our true worth!

I have a question for you today and it’s a big one. Here's my challenge for you...

Do you need to take the pen out of the devil’s hand and give it back to God? Friend, Let God write Your story. He is the Author and Finisher of Your Faith.

The God who made the sun come up today, who put the air you have in your lungs right now, is calling You to Him. 

The weight we often need to lose first is the weight on our hearts. This weight eats away at...

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