21 Day Fitness Bible Study Challenge

The 21-day challenge is a Bible-based guide to give you the foundation of God’s love for you in your fitness.

Join the Challenge!

This challenge is for the girl who is ready to surrender it all to God, including her fitness. 

See changes from the inside out during this 21 day challenge!

Challenge yourself to know what the Bible says about fitness and wholeness. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s learn to be grateful not hateful of our bodies, and steward them to honor God.


Here’s How to Join the Challenge:

  1. Download your 21-Day Fitness Bible Study Challenge Guide.
  2. Choose a time to read the daily challenge and ask God to speak to your heart in this area of your life.
  3. Look for daily posts in my stories of the prayers and scriptures and share them to encourage your community to know Jesus in their fitness.
  4. Join fit sisters in Christ on Facebook if you’d like more accountability and support.
  5. Invite a friend to pray with you to stay accountable and find peace and results together.

Are you in?!

Join the Challenge!