Is there a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try – perhaps a dance class, Zumba, barre or even tackle a marathon?
In your current training program how do you stay motivated? Motivation is a deciding factor in whether or not we reach our fitness goals.
Many people tell me, they can’t stay motivated with their goals, but they want so badly to be in shape.
For some people the idea of going to the gym to lift weights and do cardio day after day gets boring, so here’s a little something to think about: 171386397914
What have you always wanted to do? It could be anything – join a softball team, compete in fitness or figure, hike, compete in a triathlon or start playing tennis.
Have you ever considered that pursuing what you love would give you the physique you want? 
 My dream was to be able to do a fitness routine. There was something about the flexibility, strength, gymnastics and dance that I was in awe of. When I decided I was going to do it, I was so out of shape I couldn’t even do a push-up.
Focusing on becoming an athlete versus just having a good body can get you in the best shape of your life. It’s time to awaken your inner athlete and try something new and push yourself to the nest level.
What’s your dream?
Here to help you get Healthy, Happy & Fit God’s Way,