As a leading health and fitness expert, Obi Obadike has a stellar reputation for
providing accurate and reliable information. In addition to his countless covers, and articles, Obi will now take his expertise to national television. Join me in congratulating Obi for landing a show called “Whole Body Bootcamp” that will air on The Health and Wellness Channel. Thank you Obi, for sharing your tips and tricks to attaining a well-defined 6 pack and for taking the time to encourage and inspire.Obi Obadike

Kim: What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to achieve a 6 pack?

Obi: The biggest mistakes are that people think if you do a million sit-ups that all of a sudden your abs are going to appear out of nowhere. That is absolutely false because your abs is made in the kitchen with good nutrition and a balanced macronutrient ratio meaning an even balance of daily carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Kim: What are your top 5 tips to getting a 6 pack?

Obi: You need to be on sensible diet that consists of chicken; turkey, brown rice, sweet potatoes; oatmeal; veggies, etc.  Incorporate high interval cardio for fat loss that will help you get leaner to get that abs to pop out; Change your abs exercises to avoid boredom and to keep your body guessing; Understand the truth and myths about abs.  Abs is indicative of low-body-fat it is not indicative of how many sit-ups you’ve done.

Kim: What are your 5 favorite AB exercises?

Obi: Sit-Ups, Hanging Kneeling Cable Crunches, In and Outs, Leg Raises, Flutter Kicks.

Kim: Why are the lower abs so hard to lean out? What do you think is the key to achieving a lower lean mid-section?

Obi: The lower abs are hard to lean out because most people hold a lot of fat in that area and that is the last part to lean out when you are trying to get leaner. You have to be on a good diet which means being conscious of how much sodium you intake and how much sugar you consume. All that stuff can just stick to your body. The diet is the most important thing to achieving a lower lean mid-section. I can tell you to do all these abs exercise for you lower midsection but the diet is more important than any abs exercise.

Kim: The extremely sought after V-definition in your lower abs and hip flexors, where does it come from? How do you advise readers to achieve this look?

Obi: I believe my lower abs and hip flexors developed through being a sprinter in high-school and college and also growing up. I was a top Division I sprinter in college and the training from being a sprinter really helped developed my abs at an early age. So my advice is incorporate sprinting in your training routine as that will help you obtain your fitness goals and also help you build those lower abs.
Try sprinting about twice a week and a good workout would be implementing about six 100 meter sprints.  Sprint a 100 meters at about 50 to 70 percent speed and then walk back to the starting line to proceed again. Your walk to the starting line would be your rest. Try this twice a week and let me know what you think. Sprinting works your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, arms and even your back. The bottom line it is a total body-workout but it’s great for targeting your lower abs.

Kim: As a soon to be leading TV fitness personality, fitness expert and trusted health and fitness resource, how do you stay lean year around?

Obi: I stay lean all year round is because I consume a very low-calorie diet. My diet doesn’t exceed 2200 calories per day and it incorporates a high protein, low carbs and low fats. That diet works for my body and also my cardio is high interval training  consisting of sprints and sub 8 minute 3 mile runs and my weight-training consists lots of super-setting and circuit-training which helps me to stay lean all year round. Please understand what works for me may not work for you. You need to find the right diet and training program that can help you obtain your fitness and fat loss goals.
How much of what you look like is Nutrition and Training? It is 70 percent nutrition and training and 30 percent genetics. I train very hard and I am very consistent and I’ve been doing it for 18 years. So my physique presently is a result of my consistency over the years. The biggest thing I would tell you is be consistent.

Kim: Is meal timing and protein supplementation important to building and sustaining your physique?

Obi: I would say it’s important to consume enough protein that supports your physique for muscle-building. The rule is to consume about 1.4 grams of protein per pound for muscle-building. Protein consumption is the essential building blocks to putting on lean muscle on top of consuming enough calories to allow you to maintain your physique or put on muscle. A good maintenance rule is consuming about 14 to 16 calories per pound and that depends on your activity levels and your body-type.

Kim: What supplements do you think help put on muscle?

Obi: There is really no special supplements that will help you put on muscle faster than the next guy but what I take is a basic whey protein and the brand I take is Muscle-Pharm Combat Whey protein which helps me for daily protein usage. This can be purchased at  You have to eat good healthy foods and train hard and that is the only way to put on muscle. There is no magic pill or solution to putting on muscle.

Kim: Please share your favorite 3 exercises for Chest, Back, Shoulders, and Legs for putting on size.

Obi: My favorite chest exercises are Dumbbell chest press for Chest, Pull-ups for back and Dumbbell Upright Rows for shoulders.

Kim: What advice do you have for someone new to fitness?

Obi: My advice is to go to the fitness expos because every major decision maker in the fitness industry is there. The best fitness expo is the Arnold Expo where most of the decision makers in the fitness industry are there.

Kim: What can we look forward to seeing of you in 2012?

Obi: I just landed my own national TV show called Whole Body Boot Camp that will air very soon on the new cable channel called the Health and Wellness Channel.  It will air 7 days a week and it’s going to be a fun, high energy, high impact exercise show that will help a lot of people get in great shape. To view more information about this TV show you can go to
and also the health and wellness channel’s website is
Kim: Anything you would like to add?


Obi: If anybody is interested in making a fat loss transformation for the summer time.  I definitely have great affordable programs for any male or female that is struggling to lose body-fat. To view some of my successful fat loss transformations you can go to this link of

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