I’m learning how to surrender everything…

“My name is Susannah. I am a 41 yrs old hairstylist with 3 teens and a 25 yr old step daughter. Currently, I am recovering from a severely degenerative, herniated disc that left me unable to work for over a month. As I am waiting for the complete healing, watching tv in bed, I came across Kim speaking on the 700 club. I was encouraged by her testimony and realized I had believed so many lies about myself, for way too long. I ordered the book and video right away. In the last 3 weeks, I have been dedicating my time with the Lord. I’m learning how to surrender everything. Each morning I read scripture and devotions. I’m also seeking a profession change, and ways to best serve my family. I have been unhealthy for way too long. Years of stress and unhealthy living, yo yo dieting and spiritual living has left me in a major place of personal self evaluation. I have taken the first steps of my challenge to repent and start fresh with the Lord. I’m giving him my best. Next, my goal is to allow Him to teach me and guide me with my physical health. I was born strong and healthy and I will be strong and healthy again. I’m thankful the Lord’s mercies are new every morning!”