My FIT journey has been ongoing since I was 15. I have been 180, I have been 120, both look dramatically different on my 5’5” medium frame. Since I had my two children, my weight typically hovered between 145 and 150, and I was OK with that. Three years ago, my body began to negatively react to stress. My marriage was unsettled, I lost my grandmother and aunt to cancer, and I was concerned my genes were going to lead me down a familiar path of obesity, diabetes, and asthma. As a Christian I was looking to God, but would only allow Him in so far when it came to certain areas of my life. Last September I embarked on a journey to become whole – Spirit, soul and body. I began a blog and set some goals. Part of these goals was to eat clean every day, workout every day, and get into God’s Word every day. I was OK at best, and always seemed to leave God’s Word out, if it came down to choosing one of the three due to lack of time. When Kim released her book and videos in January, I knew it was a confirmation from God to allow Him to take the lead in this area of my life as well, and to trust Him to strengthen me, while allowing the excess fat – emotionally, spiritually and physically, to fall away in its time. Things changed once I began to view the process this way. I became more confident. I became more peaceful. In turn, I began to complete challenges and make progress. Since last year I have lost four pounds of fat and gained muscle. But more importantly, I have Godfidence. I have a stronger connection to Christ, and I am empowered to make better decisions every day when it comes to food, working out and leading by example for my children. I have also completed a Whole30 challenge, a Spartan Sprint, and month one of the Ultimate Oxygen Challenge. Soon, I will be completing a Spartan Super with my husband. I am so grateful God led me to Kim’s book and I am grateful she has been responsive and engaging since I began interacting with her. She is a great blessing! Thank you.