” I bought Kim’s F.I.T. book and DVD and highly recommend both for anyone who’s looking for a real and thorough change from the inside out! In a market filled with diet, fitness and nutrition books, F.I.T. is a unique, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, holistic, inspirational and Faith-driven book. It is absolutely God-sent! This book is not a quick fix, but a refreshing and thorough journey of change from the inside out. This book is organized into 10 Steps to your Faith Inspired Transformation. Each step is Faith-filled, very practical and down to earth at the same time. I love it! The Reflection questions at the end of each chapter help personalize everything. You can feel Kim’s expertise, love, enthusiasm and Faith throughout every page of her book. She shares her personal story, challenges, and is very open and direct in each chapter. This book has been life-changing for me. I am a personal trainer, wife and mom. Prior to becoming a wife and mom, I was always at a healthy weight. I didn’t realize that with life’s challenges, my coping mechanisms weren’t always the best and I began emotional eating, gradually gaining 25 lbs! With this book, I’ve learned to “bring it to God”, rather than dealing with stresses by emotional eating. What a relief! I love the field of psychology and I believe improving one’s psychological coping skills is really important. But at the core, the very centre of change is God, your Faith and Trust. We need to invite God into our life to create real, true and lasting change in our health, lifestyle and every other area of our life. Kim outlines how to set F.A.I.T.H. goals, use the 5 P’s at every meal and Surrender Appetite Faithfully Every Day. This book is filled with Scripture Excerpts, motivational tips and encouragement. This book addresses spiritual, mental and physical fitness. This book triumphs and stands apart from all other books I’ve read as a personal trainer. I can honestly tell you that it is and will be the change you’re looking for. It is for me! The F.I.T. DVD series is the perfect companion to the book. The three 20 minute circuits help you progress from beginner, to intermediate and advanced workouts. Each workout is well structured, easy to follow with Kim’s expert cues and guidance. Modifications are offered to adapt the workout to your level of ability. Kim’s inspiration and encouragement is contagious and her Faith Inspired messages are timely and unique. I have a rather large selection of workout DVD’s at home and this DVD stands apart in a very special way. Whatever your fitness level or ability, this DVD offers a great workout in a reasonable amount of time and will leave you feeling energized from the inside out! My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Kim for writing this book and creating the accompanying DVD. God bless you on your journey!”