Voncelle Mull

I have been following the FIT plan for over 30 days now and it has been such a blessing for me. The consistency with being conscience of prayer, studying the bible, and working out has helped me with managing my stressful career. In just one month I walked/jogged over 100 miles, lost 7lbs, and went [...]

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Karen Lemburg

"Finally a health and fitness book that gets it right. Kim Dolan Leto puts God as a priority and when you seek Him first, all other things will be added! F.I.T. brings balance to the all too confusing nutrition world and will show you how to not only reach your goals, but to maintain without [...]

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My FIT journey has been ongoing since I was 15. I have been 180, I have been 120, both look dramatically different on my 5’5” medium frame. Since I had my two children, my weight typically hovered between 145 and 150, and I was OK with that. Three years ago, my body began to negatively [...]

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Karen Venables

" I bought Kim's F.I.T. book and DVD and highly recommend both for anyone who's looking for a real and thorough change from the inside out! In a market filled with diet, fitness and nutrition books, F.I.T. is a unique, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, holistic, inspirational and Faith-driven book. It is absolutely God-sent! This book is not [...]

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Thanks for helping me to fall in love with cooking again... I want to thank Kim Dolan Leto for creating FIT and this challenge, and bringing such a diverse group of women together. Thanks to God for His amazing foods, and now I have now learned a greater appreciation for them. Thanks for helping me [...]

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So not only will this book help me with how I view myself and food, but it helped teach my son... "I'm just starting the book and am on chapter 2. Loving it so far. The "Bring it to Light" section was PERFECT today... My son had gotten caught in a lie, and he was [...]

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