Tanya Geisinger is a busy fit mom of two children, ages two and six. Losing 100 lbs total post-pregnancy weight turned Tanya into an inspiring and motivated fit mom. Taking on the ominous goal of a bikini competition, Tanya earned her WBFF Pro card after having two kids! Her advice for moms is something we all need to remember. Join me in celebrating her success, and don’t forget that being fit and healthy is for everyone. If your dream is to become a fit mom, start today and make it your reality!

Kim: Share a little about you.

Tanya: Hi, my name is Tanya Geisinger. I live in Vancouver BC Canada. I’m a fit-busy mom of two boys ages 2 & 6.

Kim: Have you gone through a transformation?

Tanya: Yes, I lost just over 100 lbs total post pregnancy weight. I’m the happiest, healthiest I’ve ever been & in the best shape of my life 🙂 Tanya G Transformation

Kim: How did you get your body back post-baby?

Tanya: After my pregnancies I focused on competing as a goal to lose the post pregnancy weight. On my off days I would try on my competition bikini…That was motivation! lol

Kim: Anything you’ve accomplished you would like to share?

Tanya: Last June I earned my WBFF Pro Bikini card! It was my goal after my second pregnancy. I lost over 55 lbs. to compete at the WBFF Worlds, the following year I won my Pro card.

Kim: What is your favorite fit-mom, fit-family meal? Snack? Any go to items?

Tanya: I Love to make crunchy oats. Take dry oatmeal & crushed nuts ( I like almonds or Hazelnuts) sprinkle with cinnamon then slowly add water sweetened with Stevia to the mix so it clumps together. Bake until crispy. I love throwing them on top on Greek yogurt mixed with some mashed banana. YUM!

Kim: Favorite Fit-Family activity?

Tanya: Playing outside, doesn’t matter what as long as we’re having fun!


Kim: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule and manage to do it all?

Tanya: Routine, being organized helps but you need to be flexible. I’ve spent many late nights working out at home when making it to the gym was impossible. Sometime my kids are my training partners. When they were babies, I loved to hike & snowshoe with them on my back. Now they like to sit on my back while I plank!

tanya.geisingerKim: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?

Tanya: Don’t compare your fitness journey to any other mom’s out there. If you eat clean an exercise, the weight will come off. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, don’t give up.

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