Show Yourself Some Love Checklist

Valentine’s Day has me thinking about Love. I bet you have the perfect cards and chocolate picked out for your sweetheart and family. Don’t you? But here’s an important question: Do you show yourself, love too? Or are you hard on yourself? Like, if you skip a workout, eat junk food or see someone [...]

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7-Day Faith, Food and Fitness Challenge

I’m so excited to announce my brand new 7-Day Faith, Food and Fitness Challenge. If you’re a Christian woman who wants to lose weight and gain confidence, this is your answer.

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Healthy Holiday Checklist

This time of year can be overwhelming, so I’ve prepared a helpful checklist to take the stress, potential weight gain and guilt out and replace it with a...

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How to Get Your Appetite Under Control

How to Get Your Appetite Under Control - One day at Target my three-year-old was begging me for a toy. I watched my sweet, normally well-behaved child throw...

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