Valentine’s Day has me thinking about Love. I bet you have the perfect cards and chocolate picked out for your sweetheart and family. Don’t you?

But here’s an important question: Do you show yourself, love too?

Or are you hard on yourself? Like, if you skip a workout, eat junk food or see someone succeeding at something you know you’re supposed to be doing– do you beat yourself up?

I’ll confess, I used to be really, really hard on myself.

So what gives? Why don’t we show ourselves any love?

This list is endless, but here are a few reasons:

  • Self-sabotage
  • A perfectionist mindset
  • Past pain or abuse
  • A hard loss or failure
  • Feeling unworthy

Try showing yourself some love instead of being so hard on yourself with this checklist:

  1. Live with the confidence that God only made 1 you.
  2. Get that the world offers you their version of beauty, but Do YOU!
  3. Choose your words about yourself and others wisely.
  4. Don’t define yourself by any single factor or number.
  5. Take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul.
  6. Know there is a specific plan and purpose only you can fulfill.
  7. Discipline yourself to do the things that will take you to your next level.
  8. Get free of the past. Let the lessons shape you and the pain give you empathy.
  9. Set yourself free by forgiving others.
  10. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Celebrate your beauty and others.
  11. Never give up on a bad day.
  12. Boldly step out and pursue the dreams in your heart.
  13. Become your own best friend – no negative self-talk!
  14. Get involved in a cause, give back, be an encourager, and spread love!
  15. Tell your story to empower others.
  16. Don’t doubt yourself. Listen to your heart, crazy dreams, and gut instincts!
  17. Don’t believe the lie that it’s too late or you’re too old; the world needs you.
  18. Be brave enough to know when to leave.
  19. Believe you can be the best version of you.
  20. Know that it’s okay to have boundaries.
  21. Stop saying yes to everything.
  22. Make your faith bigger than your fears.

Don’t let another day go by without showing yourself some love!

There will never be another you again. You make a big difference in many lives.

Life is too short to waste another moment being too hard on yourself.

The awesome blessing in doing this is that when you give yourself a break and show yourself some love, you’re able to love others.

Remember, sweet friend, God only made 1 YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So much love to you,


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