Food has always been a battle for me, and my weight has a tendency to fluctuate. What makes eating a unique, ongoing struggle is that we have to eat – it’s not like we can just stop eating…
Whether our emotions are up or down, food is there. When we want to celebrate, we go out to eat, and when we’re feeling low, we use it to console ourselves. Food comforts us, and while there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite meals and treats, it needs to be in a healthy balance.

Food and emotions are greatly connected and it’s in this relationship that we can find or lose our health.
Did you know the CDC maintains that 85% of disease comes from emotions?

How you feel matters.

More than 10 years ago, on a Sunday morning at church, I had finally had it with the roller coaster of gaining and losing weight. The physical and emotional torment had taken its toll. So, I got bold and asked God to help me.
I’m not saying God is a genie. Just because we say a prayer doesn’t mean the weight will magically fall off. What I am saying is that God created the Universe and He created you, and knows everything about you. So He is the only one that can truly help. Whatever fear, pain or struggle you’re going through – He has the answer.
Inviting Him into this area of my life was the only way I found lasting results and peace. Have you ever considered asking God to help you make the right food choices? Or to go a step further and help you pause before you grab a candy bar? Our emotions often get the best of us. And if we don’t stop for a moment and ask ourselves, “Am I really hungry or am I feeding my emotions?”, we make choices that keep us from the promises we’ve made to ourselves. It’s in these exact moments that we’re either taking steps toward our goals or away from them.
I know it sounds funny, but I often ask women, “Have you asked God into your kitchen?” Sometimes we don’t realize we’re keeping Him out of certain areas of our lives, and He wants to be part of all of it.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”– Rev 3:20, ESV

This has been a long road for me – not a one-shot deal. When I first made a commitment to my health, I was very unhealthy, overweight, and admittedly, lazy. Getting healthy felt like a job in itself. But with a family history of heart disease, obesity and cancer, I knew I had to make a change. At first, I would step on the scale after a week of eating right and exercising a little bit, and expect it to say that I’d lost 10 pounds. Looking back on those days, I laugh at myself.
I wanted something for nothing. I wanted results without change. I was hoping somehow, magically, I could do the bare minimum and get the best results. I tried every diet, and weight would slowly drop, but it always came back. I had to realize that I wasn’t the exception. I was just like everyone else, and this needed to become my lifestyle and not a race to a number. I needed to change my thinking. Enough with the quick fixes, it was time to get healthy for good.
Shifting your focus from diet plans that have finish lines to seeing health as a consistent Godly lifestyle is the permanent answer for change. You deserve to be happy, healthy and blessed now and all the time – not just when you reach your weight goal.
I live by the S. A. F. E. acronym that God gave me, and I hope it helps you control your appetite the way it’s helped me.
I would love for you to think about the following questions:
• Are you addressing your emotions or eating them?
• What are you going through right now that you could use some help with? Click here to see what God says about our emotions and health.
• Will you consider getting off the roller coaster of gaining and losing weight, and asking God to help you get healthy for good?

Here to get you healthy, happy, and F.I.T.,