Hello, My Name Is Kim Dolan Leto.

I’m an Author, Speaker & Fitness Expert, and I’m so excited to share my new faith-based fitness program with you. The F.I.T. (Faith Inspired Transformation) Program includes a welcome packet, workout videos, my 10-Step Guide To Your Faith Inspired Transformation book, and so much more.

My passion and purpose behind creating F.I.T.:

  • Comes from the countless women who have lost weight, only to gain it all back, and in turn, the negative effect this has on how they see and feel about themselves.
  • To empower women with the message of who they are and whose they are so they can know the power they have available to them.
  • To teach women to connect their faith with their fitness, which takes the focus off seeking a physical transformation – which rarely lasts – to a lifestyle transformation that will.

Because I have experienced my own transformation story, I know the pain, frustration and even desperation of trying to lose weight and keep it off. In fact, the number one question I’m asked is, “How have you lost weight and managed to maintain your results into your 40s?”

F.I.T. answers this question. I developed the F.I.T. program to share the answer with you, so that it will change your health and your life.

If you’re anything like me, you want to look and feel your best all the time, not just for a fleeting occasion – like a summer vacation or a high school reunion.

Perhaps you are like the millions of women who have tried fad diets and quick-fix programs and found they never produced lasting results? The truth is – they can’t, because there’s no permanent answer in a temporary fix.

Our journey to health isn’t a sprint. We don’t want to race to the finish line of a goal weight only to gain it all back. So let’s stop the cycle and get healthy, happy and fit –for good.

I care about you as a whole person – not just a body. And this is what sets F.I.T. apart from any other diet or training plan.

Give me the opportunity to help you achieve your personal best by guiding you through a 10-step process that empowers and strengthens your mind, body and soul from the inside out.

Connect your faith with your fitness and get #FITGodsWay.


Get F.I.T. Welcome Packet (value $9.99)

My goal is to help get you started by providing you with all the tools you need. In your welcome packet you will find:

  • Recipes
  • A grocery list
  • Inspirational quotes and motivational scriptures
  • Tips to become a healthy, happy & fit you
  • A guide to connecting your faith and fitness
  • A week of workouts

F.I.T Faith Inspired Transformation Book (value $19.99)

  • Offers a 10-Step guide to end quick-fix weight loss failures and to start getting healthy, happy, and fit for good
  • Illustrates how combining your faith with your fitness is the key to finding strength and results that last
  • Makes healthy easy with God-made foods versus man-made foods. F.I.T. includes ten breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert ideas to jump-start your sustainable eating program

Introduces Real-Life Guidelines Including:

  • How to reach your health and happiness goals and keep them
  • Exercises to help you renew your mind
  • How to trade what the world says about you for what God says about you and find confidence and peace you’ve never known
  • How to create your daily F.I.T. power hour
  • How to set F.A.I.T.H. Goals
  • How to uncover motivation that lasts
  • How to dress yourself with strength and make your body strong
  • How to overcome setbacks
  • How to celebrate every victory throughout your Faith Inspired Transformation

The F.I.T. DVD Series (value $19.99)

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced DVD workouts
  • Three 20-minute circuits in each workout that include cardio, core, and functional strength training along with; a F.I.T. push to challenge you to maximize calorie burn
  • A F.I.T. Challenge at the beginning of every workout to push your results to another level
  • A Faith Inspired Message at the end of each workout to transform you from the inside out
  • Create results that last, and get F.I.T.

F.I.T Faith Inspired Transformation Audio Book  (value $7.99)

Too busy to read? That’s OK! You can listen along to Kim’s Faith Inspired Transformation Audio Book. It’s the perfect way to turn car time – or any time – into self-improvement time. Simply load onto your favorite computer, tablet or mobile device, and enjoy at your leisure!

Exclusive Membership to Kim’s F.I.T. Group (value $45.00)

Kim’s exclusive F.I.T. Group was created to help you get the best results with all the support needed to guide you through your personal transformation.  Each week, Kim will share new recipes, workouts and motivational posts to keep you strong from the inside out.

The materials and content contained in this program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See more here.

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What Others Have to Say

“F.I.T. contains information and resources that are invaluable to living a healthy lifestyle. My favorite part of the Faith Inspired Transformation, however, is the emphasis Kim places on getting healthy with God. The idea that my weight is controlled not just by what I eat, but also by what I believe about myself and about who God says I am, never occurred to me before this book. I love that Kim’s message is a simple, yet powerful one—ditch the diet and get healthy from the inside out. As for the DVD…man oh man! I thought I was in pretty good shape until I tried to do the advanced workout. I barely made it through one 20-minute circuit and have never been so sore (in a good way). The whole DVD is beautifully done, and Kim is motivating without being “in your face” like other instructors. I will probably be sticking with the intermediate level workout for now, but I will definitely be recommending F.I.T. to all of my friends and family.”
Layce Smith from Austin, TX
“In Kim’s book she talks about tuning out what the world says about you and tuning in to who God says you are. Her book and DVD’s are showing me that how I see myself should be through the lens of how God sees me. What an amazing reminder!”
Brigette from San Antonio, TX
“Christianity is about becoming fully human and that means having a fit mind, soul, and body. F.I.T. both inspired me and challenged me to prioritize my life and really get healthy for good!”
Lauren H. from New York City