Inspirational Mom, Megan Leigh Land
With a 10 month old, Megan Leigh Land has found her best body the healthy way. Don’t let the model face and body fool you; this fit mom hasn’t had it easy. Having overcome anorexia, Megan is transparent in sharing her journey to becoming healthy from the inside out. With a successful career in the fitness industry, Megan is passionate about educating others to find a lifestyle that works for them. Inspired to be a strong and fierce role model for her daughter, Megan has found her calling in life.
Join me in celebrating this beautiful fit-momspiration, and make sure to read her practical tips and real life approach to achieving your personal best.
Kim: Share a little about you.
Megan: Hi my name is Megan. I just turned 27, and I am a first time mom to a beautiful 10 month old daughter named Taylor. I am originally from Connecticut but currently live Florida to be closer to family.
Kim: Have you gone through a transformation?
Megan: Oh absolutely, I have gone through a transformation mind and body! When I was 12 I started modeling & acting in N.Y.C being in shape was part of the job. But I was always fit & active. I always had a fast metabolism & tended to be on the skinny side. Fitness was always a fascination of mine & having healthy eating habits. When I was a senior in high school I really began to study & apply nutrition. Unfortunately I learned through a difficult trial & error. I fell into an eating disorder “anorexia” from miscalculating calorie portion intake & misinterpreting hunger pains with the idea that I was trying to break old eating habits. Thankfully I was in the clear after a few months, but the mental part stayed with me for years to follow & my battle with the image I saw in the mirror. My metabolism however was completely messed up & caused me to gain weight no matter what I ate. It was a very emotional & frustrating time trying to understand my body & fix what I had done to it. Later I came across “Oxygen” magazine with Kim Dolan Leto on the cover issue. From that moment on I was determined to be a healthy role model & promote a realistic & strong body image.
Getting pregnant however you can’t begin to imagine just what your body is about to experience or go through! Women are AMAZING!! Like most woman I was scared of watching that scale move up to numbers I had never seen before. I wondered if I’d get the weight off & if I’d be okay not being my best for a period of time.
Instead of dwelling on the what if’s I took pregnancy as a time to really learn more about me & reflect on life & its importance. Although I splurged, enjoying some fast food & foods I don’t always indulge in, I wanted to try & be the healthiest I could for my growing baby & myself. I still applied eating every 2-3 hours, I meal prepped every weekend & ate fruits & veggies in season. I worked my entire pregnancy up until the day before delivery, so I remained pretty active, even if I wasn’t in the gym. I didn’t want pregnancy to be an excuse to over indulge.
Pregnancy to date has probably been the most emotional experience I have ever gone through. I got pregnant unexpectedly & it wasn’t something I was prepared for. Almost instantaneously I grew up & realized life was no longer just about me. In a split second my whole world changed, but at that exact moment my whole world was just beginning. I spent many days & nights in silence praying & figuring out how I was going to make everything happen. I wondered if I was strong & capable enough for my life to change in such a HUGE way. I was scared. I questioned if I’d be able to still chase my dreams & be a good role model for my daughter.

Pregnancy & becoming a mom turned my life around & set me on track. Living a fit & faith lifestyle is my example to my daughter
I learned you can do anything if you set your mind to it & refuse to give up no matter how hard your road ahead may look.
Today you have the ability to change your tomorrow based on your outlook & determination to succeed.
Life is going to change whether you are ready for it or not, constantly, it’s up to you how you choose to approach each new twist & turn. Be defeated or rise above.
Kim: How did you get your body back post-baby?
Megan: Throughout pregnancy I gained about 33 pounds. It helped that I was relatively fit when I got pregnant & continued to eat healthy throughout pregnancy. This helped me to begin my weight loss process post pregnancy. I started out breastfeeding, which for any pregnant mommies out there I highly recommend. Nursing is the best thing for you & your baby. It really helps burn those extra calories. I still had weight to lose though, leaning out & toning to do to get my body back after baby. I began on a meal plan getting back into a routine of eating consistently but I was still missing what I needed to really get the results I wanted. I sought out my brother-in-law, personal trainer & weight loss specialist, Sean Heinkel, who is an Advisor for Advocare. I began using the products & meal plan & before I knew it my body looked better than before I got pregnant. I have abs I’ve never seen before!!!!
Getting a lot of rest whenever I could was key for my body to get energy back & deal with the new lack of energy from sleepless nights. As a new mom I feel you are very active & personally I feel I am always working out. I am still a work in progress, always looking to improve or reach a new goal.
Kim: Anything you’ve accomplished you would like to share?
Megan: Becoming a mom is my best accomplishment. Pregnancy & this past year have been both mentally & emotionally challenging, my faith really grew throughout this time. I am proud of myself, I have learned so much about who I am that I never knew I was capable of doing or handling on my own.
It’s incredible what you can do when you are focused & determined.
I had my dream photo shoot with Sarah Lyons of Picturegroove. I have admired Sarah’s work since I first got into fitness so having the opportunity to shoot with her was a dream come true & a bit surreal. My photo from the shoot will be appearing on a new fitness apparel designers website, Tracey Chaffin, which I can’t wait to see!!
Having the honor to be in this blog is an inspiration to me. I feel I have come full circle. Growing up this seemed like such a far-fetched idea just admiring girls in fitness magazine’s to becoming an inspirational mom myself.
One of my most exciting accomplishments has been teaming up with Advocare. I am thrilled to be Coaching 24 day weight loss challenges, sharing my story with other individuals & mom’s looking to better themselves. Everyday I get the opportunity to inspire & motivate such wonderful people. I feel I am the one blessed because I get to embark on their journey with them & watch them transform.
I come from a very small town up north where it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Since having the courage to leave & take steps of faith my life has completely transformed not just physically but mentally & how I approach each area & circumstance.
Becoming a mom I feel all my dreams are coming true & falling into place. Only God knows where things will go from here & just how they will grow.
Kim: What is your favorite fit-mom, fit-family meal? Snack? Any go to items?
Megan: My favorite fit-mom meal is very basic. I love grilled chicken with veggies topped with a little sweet chili sauce & brown rice. Other than that I stick pretty much to lean protein, grilled chicken or ground turkey with veggies & complex carbs. Well my daughter is only 10 months so we don’t really have meals together yet, I am still introducing her to new foods, as of now though I’d have to say fruit, she LOVES fruit & rice cakes!!!
I tend to take a small lunchbox with me when I am on the go filled with snacks. I usually always have greek yogurt with fresh berries, grilled chicken with Dijon mustard, my Advocare meal replacement shake or snack bar & hard-boiled eggs. I ALWAYS have water with me & a packet of Spark for energy!!!
Kim: Favorite Fit-Family activity?

Megan: As of now our favorite activity is taking walks around the neighborhood & going to the playground. We play a lot & try to get outdoors as much as possible. At the moment I am trying to teach Taylor how to swim so we’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool. Haha at this stage every activity is a fit activity grocery shopping, juggling household tasks with a little one on the move. I feel I workout all day long!!
Kim: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule and manage to do it all?
Megan: I sometimes ask myself that! Becoming a mom changes EVERYTHING, unless you are a mom you won’t understand just how much!! In the beginning it was hard to get meals in consistently as I adjusted to a whole new way of life & putting someone else’s needs before my own. It all comes down to planning, well planning as best you can because with kids you never know what will interfere with your schedule. I designate one day out of the week, usually Saturday or Sunday to grocery shop for everything I’ll need for the week. I then pick two days out of the week to meal prep based on my schedule & to keep food fresh. It’s important to have the right foods & snacks in stock because most of the time you are grabbing & going. I like to get everything for the following day set the night before. I lay out our clothes, pack our bags, get drinks set, lunch/snacks packed & toys.
It’s been hard for me to make it back to the gym because Taylor was sick early on so I have relied on at home workouts with weights (I love weight lifting) when she is napping or finding ways to incorporate my daughter into my workouts. She is 21lbs & loves being held, her new game is throwing everything on the floor so those are typically my squats & leg workouts. When you are a mom you are always on the go running from one place to the next cardio is always being done and my daughter is still in an infant carrier which weighs more than it appears.
Kim: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?
Megan: As a mom you are going to have hard days, days that are difficult to get out of bed, or days you just want to break down & give up. We all have those days even if we don’t show it. Being a mom can get overwhelming. You can either be your biggest enemy or your greatest motivator. Figure out your goal & reasons to be the best you.
Being fit & healthy is as much a mental thing as it is physical, if not more mental. Our thoughts & where we allow them to go can make or break our drive & motivation. First and foremost know that being happy & healthy is for you, that you deserve it!! I know as a mom we tend to put ourselves last, but in order to have a happy, healthy family we need to be the example, which means it’s okay to invest in ourselves.
I like to say “don’t compare yourself to anyone”. That person in the mirror is the only competition you should have & striving each day to be better than the last day should be your goal. Admire how far you have come, small steps, small improvements, BE PROUD. Being fit isn’t a race, it’s a journey, it’s your life. You’ll always be trying new things or looking to improve upon something. Especially as our kids get older & we face new chapters with them. We’ll be challenged all our lives in many areas in our life, that is why it is key to be in control of your thoughts.
Each morning before I get out of bed I take the time to reflect & get my thoughts together. I take a moment to pray & ask God for strength. I seek out those that keep me motivated. It is SO important to surround yourself with others who have achieved your goals or who are as determined as you are to be the best. Be accountable to each other. Seek advice & encouragement from one another. Having a support system carries you so far. Whatever you do, DON’T let anyone tell you that you can’t. Turn your head from those that lack belief in you. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Live by your actions & what you do. This is your life, you deserve to be happy, to be fit, to feel good & to enjoy yourself & your family. Don’t let others rob your joy, seek joy!
Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
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