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Kim Dolan Leto helps women around the world to reach and maintain their health, happiness and fitness potential. Dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and educating women to find lasting health, Kim’s own transformation story and message of achieving health and happiness in Christ sets her apart from others in the field.

Kim is a well-known published fitness expert, speaker and author with a passion for leading women to experience faith-inspired transformations that affect their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

She is the director of family health and wellness for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), holds a degree in business, is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist, and has completed Dale Carnegie’s High-Impact Presentations speaker training course.

Kim is devoted to God and desires to make His name famous in the world of fitness. She resides in Arizona and enjoys spending time with her loving husband and their three beautiful children.

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Kim Is A Trusted Fitness Expert With Her Work Featured On:

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Kim’s Passion For Health Was Birthed From Adversity

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  • Kim wasn’t always in shape or healthy. She underwent her own weight-loss transformation.
  • Kim’s father suffered a stroke from a rare autoimmune disease, Wegeners’ Granulomatosis, at 47 and died at 61; his battle was the catalyst that birthed her passion for health.
  • She became an athlete in her 30’s leaning gymnastics and dance.
  • Kim has overcome many injuries including ACL Reconstruction and went on to compete in Ms. Fitness World and win the U.S. spot in the top 5.
  • She was published as a writer and model more in her 40’s, after having a baby, than in her 30s.
  • Kim believes it’s never too late to learn something new or chase that dream in your heart. She truly believes that “Numbers only define us if we let them!”
  • She is confident that, when armed with the word of God, a lot of prayer, and hard work anything is possible.
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Media Television and Interviews

  • TBN, Trinity Broadcast Network
  • Lifestyle Health
  • ESPN2
  • Fox Sports
  • Monday Night Live
  • MPG Online Commercial
  • 700 Club
  • CBN (Christian Broadcast Network)
  • HIS Radio

Published Covers, Articles & Features

  • Faith and FitnessCover & featured article
  • Oxygen Magazine – 4 covers, published articles & features
  • CBN (Christian Broadcasting)Network article
  • Yummy Mummy Blog (Oxygen Magazine) – 2 years of writing
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers – Articles
  • Fitness Magazine – 2 covers & featured articles
  • Fat-Loss – Cover & feature article
  • Health and Fitness – Cover & feature
  • Max Sports and Fitness – Cover & featured article
  • Gorgo – Two covers & featured articles
  • World Physique Magazine -Cover & featured article
  • World Bodybuilding Fitness Federation – Featured articles
  • Natural Muscle – 2 covers & featured articles
  • Extra Fit – Featured article
  • Physique Magazine – 2 covers & featured articles
  • FitnessX – Cover & featured article
  • Xtreme Fitness – Magazine cover & featured article
  • UltraFit – 2 covers & featured articles
  • Scottsdale Health – Cover & featured article
  • Fitness Life Magazine – Cover & featured article
  • Phoenix Bride and Groom – Inside cover
  • Ms. Fitness – Cover story
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