kim dolan leto

Gayle Tucker and Kim Dolan Leto

Teaching you how to get healthy in your life is my focus, so can you imagine how blessed I was to be on TBN’s TV show Lifestyle Magazine?

Talking about my weight loss journey and struggles is a side of my story that I haven’t completely shared before. Being vulnerable isn’t easy, but it’s important to note what I’ve overcome – because YOU can too!

What I’ve learned:

Your Struggle is Your Story

When it comes to your health journey or even your past, what do you struggle with and what have you overcome?

What is that “something” you don’t want anyone to know about you?

Did you know that what you hide is often what people will identify with in you?

In our world, it’s easy to get caught up with chasing perfection and want to conceal your flaws. But what I’ve learned is the very thing that you struggle with and don’t want anyone to know is what makes people like you and connect with you – it’s what makes you real.

Perfect is BORING!

Consider this example:

Have you ever spent a lot of time doing your hair and makeup perfectly and no one notices, and then when you’re not even trying people tell you how beautiful you look? It’s because we are our most beautiful when we aren’t thinking about what we look like or if people notice. God wants us to thrive in who He created us to be.

Letting God Use You is What Makes You Shine

Will you consider sharing what you struggle with so you can go through it with someone or what you have overcome to help someone else find their way?

You have the power to give someone hope today.

Choosing to open up about everything I want to hide is how God is using my story to help people.

Combining Faith and Fitness Works

God doesn’t want part of you, He wants all of you. Walking out your health decisions with Him daily, makes all the difference.

I know that teaching you to put God first in your fitness goals rather than sell you a quick fix to a bikini body isn’t a popular message, but I want your transformation to last and it will when it’s done through faith.

I’m so grateful to Mike and Gayle Tucker for including me on their program and special appreciation to my dear friend Obi Obadike.

kim dolan leto

Mike and Gayle Tucker, Kim Dolan Leto, Obi Obadike,
Lynell LaMountain, and Dr. Sharmini Long

Please watch and make sure to look for the giveaway at the end of the program. It’s a gift I created just for you.

I hope you enjoy the show and please share your thoughts and comments.

Here to help you get Healthy, Happy & FIT God’s Way,