Hello! My name is Kim Dolan Leto.

I’m so glad you’re here. Rather than focusing on my resume and professional credentials, I’d like to share the plain-old me, and hopefully begin a real relationship with you. (If you need a professional bio, please click here.)

What you might not know:

I’m a Christian. I believe fully in Christ as my savior.

I’m probably a lot like you. I’m a wife, a mom, I work full-time and my life is far from easy or perfect. But at the end of the day, when we’re all home safely – I have all I need.


My husband, Billy, and I have been together for 19 years and married for 17. We have three smart, loving and beautiful children – Joseph, Michael, and Giavella.

I’m 49. To be honest, I’ve struggled with whether or not I should share my age or hide it, but the truth is I’m grateful. Losing many friends and family members to cancer and heart disease, I choose to see health and age as gifts not to be taken for granted.

I went through my own personal weight loss transformation. In fact, I’ve gone through many transformations. So much so that I often joke and say,

“I’m under construction again.”

The truth is, I struggle with my weight. I have to watch everything I eat. But rather than fight my body type and engage in self-berating behavior, I choose to embrace the way God made me, and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

I’ve done everything late in life – but late is better than never!

I share these points with you because maybe you have a dream, but like me, have battled with fear or thinking it’s too late.

It’s my hope that my little successes will encourage you to let your light shine!

Fun Facts About Kim:

  • I put myself through college and graduated at 27.
  • I learned gymnastics in my 30s.
  • I had our daughter at 38.
  • I wanted to be a writer, model and fitness competitor, but I didn’t have the guts to try until my 30s.
  • My first big cover was Oxygen, and I was 35. I won the ESPN 2 Fitness America at 33. I also had my first article published at 33.
  • Seemingly, the OLDER I get, the more life success I have. When I was 42, I was on 13 magazine covers in one year and wrote countless articles.
  • I was the only American in the top 5 at the Ms. Fitness World. Picture me standing next to stunningly beautiful and talented girls in their 20s… And there I was, a new mom, in my 40s. (God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He?)
  • I wrote my first book, F.I.T Faith Inspired Transformation and created the F.I.T DVD Series at 45.

I believe in dreaming, but dreams can torture of us if we don’t pursue them. Dreams without action can cause emotional distress and anxiety.

We need to act. If you have a dream right now, it is your gift to the world and it has been placed in your heart for a reason. There’s never a clear, easy path.

Dreaming means taking risks. It means you don’t have all the answers, but the anguish of never doing it is worse than all the trials you’ll endure on the journey.

I dreamt big and created F.I.T.

How F.I.T. (Faith Inspired Transformation) Came to Be

I believe wholeheartedly in connecting faith with fitness – and I learned this the hard way! I would try fad diets and struggle in my own strength trying to avoid carbs and do workouts I didn’t enjoy – all to achieve a number on the scale.

For years, I thought that if I made myself look good on the outside, I would feel good on the inside ­– but I found nothing could be further from the truth.

Chasing perfection only made me unhappy, because perfection is an insatiable lie the world tells us – that what God made isn’t good enough.

F.I.T. was born from all the trial and error I experienced while trying quick-fix diets and focusing on numbers more than my health. Finally, by surrendering this all to God, I found the answer. And it’s the only one that lasts…

Click here to learn more about how and why connecting Faith and Fitness is the game changer for your health goals.

You are important to me. I hope you stay awhile and share your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

With a big hug,