Here are my top tips to help you become a more spiritually fit you!

• Think of food as fuel and not comfort.

• Learn to cook all the foods you love in a healthy way.

• Make an eating schedule with regular times each day to eat. Ward off sugar cravings and low energy with healthy meals and snacks. No ones makes good food choices when they are starving.

• Our bodies demand what we give them, so if you’re wondering why you crave certain foods, this is why.

• Establish clearly defined goals, with a time frame that is measurable and realistic. – Exercise doesn’t exclusively mean weights and cardio machines. Find what you love doing and you will stick with it.

• Make your health a goal. For example, my goals are to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol within a certain low range.

• Do a web search for the “verse of the day” and do some spiritual fitness. Spending time learning the word of God, will provide wisdom, strength, comfort and power you’ve never knew before.

• Download some great Christian music. Vaughaligan Walwyn is my favorite. There are many great artists like Toby Mac, Mandisa, and Lecrae. Listening to Bible-centered music while exercising is powerful.

• Track all of your progress online or in a hand written journal. People give up too quickly, because they don’t know how far they’ve come.

• Use another measurement other than your weight to judge your progress. Scale weight can be misleading. Take measurements and pictures.

• We all come in different shapes and sizes, so make health your goal not a certain size. – If you blow it, acknowledge it, but refrain from berating yourself. Don’t allow setbacks to derail you. Get back on track.

• Forget the all or nothing approach; it’s too extreme and never lasts.

• Healthy isn’t a look, it’s how you live your life. – Exercise creates energy. If you’re tired all the time or have the blues, you’ll be amazed at the increase in your energy and general mood.

• Your words matter. The way you talk about yourself, your goals, and your life, remember there is a very important person listening, you!

My faith has carried me through my fitness trials, please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’m here to listen.

Here to Help You Get Happy, Healthy, and Fit