Whatever you’re going through, there is a Bible passage to take you through it. The Bible is recognized as the very God-given direct communication to us. That is why you may have heard people refer to it as ‘sacred scripture’. We set it apart from other writings as a book – a message that is truly special from God. It certainly can be considered a handbook for life – an effective tool to guide you. Use the Bible to strengthen your mind and enable you to reach your goals. With today’s internet technology you have convenient and powerful ability to search the Bible for whatever you’re going through.
When you turn to the Bible you can grow in faith, reach your goals and get through things in life that you weren’t meant to do alone. Tap into the power of God.


Have you ever listened to your inner dialogue? Challenge yourself to think about the way you talk to yourself. Is it the way you would talk to a friend? Is it positive and encouraging or negative and demeaning? We can’t go further than the way we think and talk about ourselves. The Bible says:

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

How can we have confidence with a negative conversation going on in our mind all day? Give yourself a break. Become your own cheerleader, encourage yourself the way you do your closest friends and children. Reject negative and debilitating thoughts (they are not from God). They never get us anywhere—especially not to our goals.


When people ask me how I adopted healthy eating in my thirties, they are surprised by my answer. I prayed for temperance over my appetite. I really love to eat. So, this was an area where I felt powerless. Making a conscious effort to ask God to help me enjoy food and empower me to be mindful of portions helped me achieve balance. Starving, skipping meals, or having an unhealthy relationship with food does not achieve a healthy diet. Food is fuel and we need it. Eating every three to four hours keeps energy up and cravings down.
I recognized that I love food. I decided I couldn’t live on just protein shakes, chicken and green veggies. So, I’ve learned to cook all the foods I love in a healthy way. Who wants to live without pizza? Not my family. Research healthy recipes for your favorite foods, and enjoy them. This is a big part of long-term success and getting your family on board with healthy eating.


What did you love doing when you were a kid? I believe God has given all of us an exercise passion. Regardless of your age, there is something you enjoy doing. Fitness isn’t limited to the weight room and cardio equipment. Take a dance class, learn karate, join a hiking club, or grab a friend and play racquetball. These are all great ways to incorporate exercise into your life. When you do what you love, you’re more likely to stick with it. Getting fit must not be a chore or something you dread. Do what you enjoy and a healthy and fitter body will follow.


Disorders are born out of extremes. When anything is out of balance, we’re in danger of extremes and anything extreme is unhealthy. We can restrict our diets too much and even overtrain our bodies. Both are unproductive and hard on us. Be well-balanced. A major cause of being out of balance is looking at oneself in parts. Here’s an example: stand in front of the mirror, what jumps out at you? Are you looking at the whole person, or just the parts you want to change?
Being healthy isn’t a look. It’s the way you live.
Make good choices and focus on where you’re going not where you’ve been. Even those doing intense preparation for an event find that God designs us for balance. In that balance we’re most likely to have ongoing optimal health and wellness.

Here to Help Get Happy, Healthy, and FIT,