Don’t Allow Your Past to Control Your Future

We all have a default setting in our minds birthed out of circumstances and opinions shaped over the years. But, why do we allow these past experiences to creep into our current goals and talk us out of what we know we are capable of doing? If you are stuck in this cycle, you are not alone.
The key to remember is that God is the one that can do a new thing in you. He is the source of that transformative power.

We are not our past.

Yesterday is gone forever. Life always brings about change, but God is sovereign and we can count on Him to help us begin new — again and again.

If you’re like many people, you’ve tried and failed on many diets or fitness plans. I know I have. It wasn’t until I committed to keeping my word, that I found success and confidence. This sounds obvious, but be mindful of the words you speak about yourself and your goals. Don’t talk failure and expect success. Honor your self-made promises. When you commit to something (and to God), then do it. The Bible admonition is simple:

Let your yes be yes and your no be no!

Not doing what we say we’re going to do makes us lose faith and subsequently we give up. Nothing has ruined my confidence more than saying I was going to do something and repeatedly giving up on it. Yes, we have all thrown in the towel, but what if this time you don’t? Don’t give up on you – God hasn’t. He knows that you are so worth it!

Here to Help Get Happy, Healthy, and FIT,