Trade Your Fears for Confidence.

Growing up, I lacked confidence and thought way too much about what other people thought of me. This produced unhealthy fears.

If we allow our fears to override God’s plan for our lives, we won’t be living in His will.

Growing up in God, I have learned that fear is something to give Him. Imagine the fear of learning gymnastics in your 30’s, or trying to get back into modeling as a new mom in your 40’s? These were goals God put in my heart. When I would learn a new gymnastics trick, I would say God’s promise over and over in my mind, “Fear not for I am with you”. It is a favorite Bible verse that has sustained me through some pretty overwhelming times.

The problem with fear is that it paralyzes us, stops us and prevents us from living the life we want — the life God wants for us. For me I found that my lofty fitness and modeling goals as a 40+ mom were met with a lot of ridicule and personal fear. Yet I knew I was supposed to do it. Have you ever had a dream in your heart? What is that ‘something’ you can’t ignore?

Our dreams can be fed or starved. Choose to feed yours with faith and starve your doubt.
We can’t be double minded. As a long time fan of Joyce Meyer, I cherish her acronym for

False – Evidence – Appearing – Real.

Think of a time when you did what you feared and you got through it. You know that the outcome was more than just a rewarding feeling. You grew in confidence. That confidence is in fact the evidence of the personal faithfulness of God to you.

Consider these potential fear-inducing scenarios:
• Going to the gym and feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing.
• Wanting to get healthy, but being afraid to ask the important questions and learn how.
• Thinking it’s too late.
• Being concerned about what other people think of your goals.

It’s never easy to do something new, but once you get the hang of it, the intimidation subsides and confidence soars. This is the process of turning your attention from the lies of Satan and placing your hope and daily life in the guidance of God. Take the time to learn. You are worth the investment.

Here to Help Get Happy, Healthy, and FIT,