I am often asked a question that I am forced to give the answer no one wants to hear.

The Question: “If I eat clean all week and train hard, why can’t I eat what I want on the weekends?”

The Answer: No.

There are 365 days in a year, 104 of them are the weekend. This is roughly a third of the year. With 261 days dedicated to fitness and 104 dedicated to indulging, your results will drastically suffer.

Consider this: Eating an extra 80 calories a day, will add 8 pounds in 1 year! So choose your indulgences wisely! You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste just so you can eat pizza on Friday, burgers on Saturday and a sundae on Sunday.

This doesn’t mean skip out on meals. I never miss a meal. In fact, I enjoy food more than I should. So, this is a battle in my life. Because I don’t believe in unbalanced living, I have found enjoying one meal on the weekend, of whatever I want, my key to success and food happiness! So tonight, I’m enjoying_________


The best part is it makes that meal taste so much better because it is special. Focusing all of our attention on counting calories or avoiding certain foods—tasks that make us feel limited—distracts us from enjoying foods we can eat and experimenting with new, creative options that seem unlimited. In short, focusing on what we can’t have makes us want it that much more and causes us to war against ourselves. Remember that health is a lifestyle—it is something you will adopt for the rest of your life, so it has to be manageable. Don’t cut out everything you love. Enjoy that special meal once a week.

God wants us to be happy. He provided us with so much delicious, organic foods to be found in nature, but he also loves what we create. There’s no harm in enjoying what you want in moderation—but just always remember that God has provided everything we need to be happy and healthy. The food packed full of preservatives and artificial sugar are just distractions that get you know where. Good food will make you feel and look great.

It’s the same thing as thinking about what the world says is right versus what God says right.

This works wonders for me, but what is your strategy for the weekends? Are they derailing your fitness goals?

Are you up for doing a challenge of reducing it to one meal versus the whole weekend, to break out of your plateau or push your results to another level?

Here to help you get happy, healthy, and F.I.T.,