Instead of Snacking, Do This

Hands up! Slowly turn and walk away from the refrigerator and ask yourself, “am I physically hungry, emotionally hungry or just bored?”

We know this situation all too well… You walk up to the fridge, open the door and stare inside. You know you are not really hungry.  Either way, it’s hard to turn away. The fridge is talking to you, your stomach is talking to you, and your mind is urging you on with its temptations. “It’s just a little snack”, “You can try again tomorrow”, “You deserve a little treat.” Whatever the rationalization, you need something to help you turn around! Cue this list! I created it with the intention of shifting your focus from a temporary food fix to your long-term goals and success.

Print “Hungry? Do This Instead of Snacking” and keep it on the fridge or nearby.

Here are some helpful links:

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Get Healthy, Happy and FIT God’s Way,