If you’re a new mommy and need to know you’ll be able to get your body back, look at Stephanie Melo’s transformation. Stephanie is a mom of two, a business owner and a very busy girl. With her husband in the military, Stephanie’s schedule is packed. Read on to learn how she found the motivation to get her body back and make sure to check out her inspirational T-shirts and thriving online clothing boutique, Foxxy Fashions. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your story to help other moms.
Kim: Share a little about you.
Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Melo and I just turned 30, I am currently living in Florida. I was born and raise in BC Canada but married my best friend who is now my husband of 5 1/2 years. He serves in the US Army making me a supported Military Wife with two kids. Bronson is turning 5 and Eva is 10 months old.
Kim: Have you gone through a transformation?
Stephanie: I’m actually in the middle of my transformation, I started training in Sept ’12 so it’s been approx 8 months and I have a way to go. I have an ectomorph type of body which means I have always been “skinny” and struggled to put any on weight on. I’m trying to lose the pregnancy “belly” still and then put muscle mass on. It’s not very often you hear about a struggle to gain weight and trust me it is for ectomorph bodies. I’m not trying to be a model or be a fitness competitor. I’m just a busy working mom living an ordinary life trying to stay healthy, be a great role model, be inspirational to all the other ordinary moms like myself and of course I want to be in the best shape of my life!! (Looking fabulous is a bonus!)
Kim: How did you get your body back post-baby?
Stephanie: When I had my baby late April 2012, I vowed to enjoy every minute with my baby girl because I could this time. With my first child, my husband was deployed to Afghanistan leaving me alone, stressed and unmotivated. This time around I knew I had his help and my family was so complete, I had my husband, my boy and my new baby girl!!! I relaxed, enjoyed myself with my newborn and 3 months post-baby….I started realizing my body needed work. I didn’t know how I would do it. I was afraid, I am a mother of two, I have no sitters or family around to watch the kids if I worked out and I own and operate a business alone, from home. I had so many thoughts and worries of how it would work which is typical for us moms to wonder if we actually have the time and devotion right!? I was wrong.
I proved myself wrong when it came to excuses like “I have no time”.
Well in August I spent a lot of time reading, cutting motivational quotes and pictures of inspiring moms (yup, Kim was one of them) and posted it on a collage in my office. Each day I worked up more motivation and desire to go to the gym to change my lifestyle and body. I then decided to have professional custom printed tanks that have motivational quotes, I was so excited to incorporate this into my growing business and boy is it popular! At this point, I was ready. I workout 4 times a week at the gym, the reason I chose the gym is because I literally need to leave the house to get this accomplished the way I want it to. I also started running to help lose the midsection fat from the pregnancy, this is ongoing still. I was never a runner because I avoided losing weight in my early years but because I need to lose my midsection I now run and enjoy it. I have a great deal of dedication and motivation and haven’t lost it the past 8 months. I honestly love fitness and it’s never a drag for me to go workout. I keep in contact with friends who are into fitness, help others as much as I can, interact with other fit moms and even started my motivational fitness page on Facebook this past January. That alone has triggered my love for fitness. I love helping hundreds of women gain daily knowledge (hopefully it grows into thousands),exercise tips, motivation and inspiration on my page. Eating clean was something I never really did either. I figured with an ectomorph body I was able to eat anything which I did and it never affected me, until I had my kids and I’m sure now that I’ve turned 30 things are slowing down for me. I try my hardest to use apps like MyFitnessPal to keep up with my daily food journal which keeps me in tact. It shows me what I need to avoid or what I need to have to keep up with my numbers. All of these things have empowered me to stay fit!
Kim: Anything you’ve accomplished you would like to share?
Stephanie: I have two beautiful healthy kids, I have built a business of my own from scratch while working 2 jobs, been a mother and wife through a 400 day deployment and 3 moves in the 5 years I have lived in the United States. I have introduced a motivational fitness gym apparel into my business to help anyone who is into and wanting to be into fitness and changing their lives!
My major accomplishment is running a successful business where I can have the opportunity stay at home, raise my kids and make a career for myself with a happy home.

Kim: What is your favorite fit-mom, fit-family meal? Snack? Any go to items?
Stephanie: We try to make it simple and quick that everyone including my toddler and baby can enjoy. I usually pack up some grapes, apple or yogurt with a tuna sandwich. We all enjoy it and it’s not messy
Kim: Favorite Fit-Family activity?
Stephanie: We love to play baseball at the park.
Kim: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule and manage to do it all?
Stephanie: Sometimes I laugh when my friends ask me this. I mean it’s so routine now that I really am not sure how it all came together so nicely. It’s always hectic in the house but I manage to run my business and give my attention/time to my kids, this is why I decided to open my own business almost 4 years ago, to be at home with my kids so I don’t want to forget that. Back in September I had the green light from my Dr. that I was able to exercise, finally, after 5 months of having my second child. She had recommended I wait due to my cesarean and hernia from my second pregnancy. So after months of waiting I was ready to get rid of this extra weight I packed on from the pregnancy, especially my midsection! I was tired of feeling sluggish and out of shape. With my excitement to get started I packed up my kids, drove to the nearest gym and signed up for a membership. This was my no turning back point, if I’m paying I have to go! I will admit, the first month was hard, I had to try to manage my time with nursing, attending to both kids, do housework and get work done for my business that I can’t put on hold when it’s a 24/hr shopping website. Once I figured out what is best for my routine, it really became a “routine”. My husband and I negotiated our gym days so we both get a chance to workout because we don’t have babysitters or family around to help us. So now when its my gym days, I have work done, house clean, dinner ready and of course I’m dressed ready to hit the gym the moment he gets home.
Staying fit is important and no matter how busy I am I always set aside that time, just like a business meeting, its got to be done! Not only has working out helped me physically but also emotionally and mentally. I look forward to my gym time, always. It’s my stress reliever and getaway from my chaos. Endorphins, it’s addicting!
Kim: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?
Stephanie: It is so important for us moms to take time for ourselves, to decompress from what we endure throughout the day. We all know as moms how chaotic our days can be at home.
Being fit doesn’t only benefit us but goes a long way for the family as well! It’s important to teach our kids to stay fit & eat healthy and be that role model!
One of my favorite quotes is “I Make Time Because I Respect my Body”
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