When you look at Rita Catolino, you would never imagine that she was once a size 12. Rita is a beautiful example of hard work and dedication. Although she was raised in a traditional Italian family on pasta and was even called chubby in school, none of this phased her. It was when she moved to Spain and noticed European clothes did not fit her, that she experienced her “aha” moment. Arming herself with Oxygen, and proper information, she transformed herself and her life into a fit and healthy one. Thank you Rita for sharing your story and inspiring other people that the way the story started is not the way it has to end!

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Kim: Share a little about you.

Rita: My name is Rita Catolino. I was born and raised to Italian parents in London, Ontario Canada. I have a 4-year-old daughter named Ariana. My husband is from Spain, and have spent half of our married life in Southern Spain and the other here in Canada.

Kim: Have you gone through a transformation?

Rita: YES!!!!!! My story starts with that of watching my mother battle with her own weight/diet issues and being raised in a family where food was the main source of focus. Always overweight, and unfit, it wasnt until I gave birth to my daughter Ariana did I start putting importance on health, fitness and nutrition. I went from an unhealthy size 12 to a healthy size 4. I now am a certified personal trainer, published fitness model, bikini competitor and in the best shape of my life !!


Kim: How did you get your body back post-baby?

Rita: I started slowly with a post-partum mommy step class at 8 weeks post-partum. When Ariana was 6 months, I decided to join a gym and I started with the classes. I soon began to notice some changes, but wasnt happy enough. I picked up Tosca Reno’s clean eating diet, as well as The body sculpting bible for women and soaked up every word of these 2 instrumental books. I slowly started to see the changes and was hooked! I then registered for my first fitness contest…..ready to show the world the new me!

 Kim: Anything you’ve accomplished you would like to share?

Rita: First and foremost, I have accomplished a newly found sense of confidence and the mindframe that NOTHING is impossible. If I could break the chain of yo-yo dieting in my family and totally revamp everything I ever learned, then anyone can.


I have also placed top 5 in many bikini competitions winning the Ontario Physique Assosiation (IFFB) as well as representing Ontario and the Canadian Nationals in 2010 (CBBF).
I have been blessed with being published this year on numerous occasions in Oxygen Magazine (the magazine I have bowed down to for so many years), Inside Fitness Magazine Status Fitness Magazine and Natural Muscle Magazine. I have also shot a fitness commercial and continue to thrive within this fitness industry.


Kim: Favorite Fit-Family activity?



Rita: Fruit picking, hikes in the woods.


Kim: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule and manage to do it all?


 Rita: Priorities! Is the household going to fall apart if the ironing gets put off for a day or two? Probably not. Will your body change if you put off going to the gym for a day or two? probably not. I chose to make the second sacrifice and make the gym a priority. I work around my husbands work schedule and daughter’s school. You will find me at the gym early mornings (630 am) or on a “lunch” hour. If not, a 20 min plyometric workout can be done on a whim in the basement. Cook outs on Sunday also help keep the week on track. Having hardboiled eggs, pre cut veggies and preportioned oats help me and the fam stay on track throughout the week. Also,

I have learned to ask for help from others when needed.

My husband is there to lean on as we are a team. YOu can catch him folding clothes, bathing our daughter or reading her a bedtime story as I prepare my gym bag or sneak out the front door in the early hours of the morning.


Kim: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?


Rita: Set an example of health for your children. THey are sponges and respond best to what you are doing as opposed to what you say. Find an activity you love and intensify it….sweat at least once a day!
 Do physical activity for the love of it. Find a performance goal (marathon, lifting heavier weights, getting through the entire spin class) instead of focussing on the weight loss or physical appearance.
 Change your activities constantly as to not get bored! Yoga, cardio, step class, TRX, circuits, boot camps, family walks, snoeshoing….etc.


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