Strength is often born out of adversity and makes for the most inspirational success stories. Nita Marquez grew up being teased for her weight and subsequently developed an eating disorder and depression. Longing for a better life, Nita found fitness and was forever changed. Nita didn’t just get in shape, she made her life about fitness and uses it as a platform to help others. Competing in the NPC, becoming an author, and raising three beautiful children, Nita is busy and constantly evolving. She is the founder of America’s Hottest Fit Moms. Thank you Nita for being an example of achieving balance, and for sharing your struggles and success. You truly embody your quote: BE PHENOMENAL! You are Worth the Work!


Kim: Share a little about you.

Nita:  My name is Nita Lee Marquez. I’m 38, and I live in Los Angeles, CA with my 3 Children:
 Bricia- 15

 Kim: Have you gone through a transformation?

Nita: As a girl, I grew up being called “low-fat” because I was short and chubby. Kids at school made fun of me, my own parents even made fun of me, and I looked in the mirror and hated myself for most of those years. As a teen, I gave up compulsive eating only to become obsessed and later hospitalized with an eating disorder and depression. Pills for my depression, counseling for my eating disorder, doctor’s visits, and at one point, came to my senses and wanted balance in my life. After meeting my husband, we began a family and I decided I was committed to living fit, because I wanted to be that example to my children. Later I committed to doing a fitness competition. Learning about fitness wasn’t enough, so I decided that in my future and for my family, I had to do something with it! That was when I started to realize that there are tons of women out there who are striving for balance just like I was, and I wanted to build a life that was part of that movement. America’s Hottest Fit Moms™ is the brand that represents Fitness Empowerment for Everyone, and I am eager now more than ever to keep working toward the pinnacle of my own fitness goals, as well as helping my family to be empowered through fitness. This is my life: Family-First Fitness, and I am continually seeking paths into that lifestyle choice. I look at sites and learn from trainers who are living proof that fitness is not just about the reps, it’s about the spirit!

 Kim: How did you get your body back post-baby?

Nita: Sprinting and weightlifting have been invaluable tools for me in my journey through fitness after baby. This is the Fit Mommy winning combo!

Kim: Anything you’ve accomplished you would like to share?

Nita: I won Miss Fitness Arizona in 1999, 2001 and won Fitness Nationals/Team Universe in 2008. I have written three books, one called FIT FOR COMBAT is out and now available at, as well as two women’s fitness books to be released in 2012.

Kim: What is your favorite fit-mom, fit-family meal? Snack? Any go to items?

Nita: We love protein shakes by MRM if we are blending at home, and on the go, our favorite shake in a bottle is Isopure. Both are aspartame free!

Kim: Favorite Fit-Family activity?

Nita: We enjoy hiking and dancing as a family! Both of my daughters are in the performing arts and my son is a capoeira kid!! WE LOVE FITNESS, and we even read all the labels at the grocery store together to see what we are putting into our bodies before we buy….

Kim: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule and manage to do it all?

Nita: Sprints and weightlifting, I swear that is the key! Plus the kids and I hike on the weekends.

Kim: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?

Nita: BE PHENOMENAL! You are Worth the Work!


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