While at a restaurant and I can’t help but notice a lady asking for another breadbasket. As she grabbed it she smiled and said:
“I’ll start on Monday.”
It got me thinking. What does this mean? Does it mean we can skip workouts and binge on everything we want, and then we’ll snap out of it on Monday? There’s an implication that it’ll be easier then to eat clean, and all the perfect training opportunities will come together, if only right? If your life is anything like mine, that never happens.
But, what if Monday never comes? Then 5 pounds turns into 10, and you find yourself wondering, how did I get so far away from my goal?
Life is busy and we have to fight to get our workouts in and to make the best food choices for ourselves and our families. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the occasional guilt-free indulgence. But wouldn’t you agree putting everything off until Monday, is only putting off your results?
Getting healthy shouldn’t have finish line; it’s a lifestyle.
Here to Help You Get Happy, Healthy, and F.I.T,