I want to share the tough lesson I learned after failing on countless diets:

No diet or training program can give you the spirit of self-control, only God can…

Think of the last diet you were on – wasn’t it so frustrating to white knuckle it until you couldn’t take it anymore? Then comes the over indulging on all those foods you’ve been missing and then of course the subsequent self-loathing – all the while promising to start again on Monday! Who’s been there? I’m raising my hand!

The truth is anyone who’s been on a diet knows willpower doesn’t last…it’s just a matter of time. This scenario sets us up for a cycle of deprivation and then overconsumption and this madness never leads us any closer to lasting health or happiness.

After I spent years on this rollercoaster of losing weight and then gaining it all back, I realized my motivation to be healthy and fit was all wrong.

As a Christian, I knew I shouldn’t have any idols in my life but my weight had become one.
The number on the scale would dictate how I felt about myself. Picture me standing on the scale in the morning…shaking my head, getting off and then taking everything off including my pony tail holder hoping to see a number that might in some way make me feel better; make me feel like less of a failure!

I treated that number like a report card and it had way too much power. Can you relate?

Going to God with this raging battle was my last resort, but it should have been the first place I went. The truth is only God knows how to fix us and out of His mercy He showed me how out of balance and extreme I was.

God is the only one that can meet each of us in our individual stories and give us the unique answers our hearts are searching for –isn’t that amazing?

If combining faith and fitness is new to you, or maybe you’re a Christian and you’ve never thought about asking God to help you get healthy – now’s the time. It will forever change you. I promise!

Try these 7 tips to combine your faith with your fitness and win at getting fit with God:

1. Listen to Christian music while you workout.

Mainstream music can be great to get you pumped up, but also full of vulgar language and suggestive behaviors that aren’t good for the soul. Find some upbeat music that gets you motivated and gets your mind focused on God’s goodness instead. Make sure you check out my workout playlist here.

2. Make health a Godly lifestyle

Consider the quick fix diets you’ve gone on in the past – did the end result lead you any closer to your goals? Over 90% of people gain back all the weight they lose from these programs, so rather than jump on the latest radical quick-fix diet, recognize that God doesn’t want extremes in your life and He certainly doesn’t want you making an idol out of your weight or your body. Choose to make healthy decisions because you are the temple of God and you are worth the investment.

3. Listen To The Bible While You Do Workout

With all the distractions in a day vying for your attention, train your mind, body and soul by listening to your Bible on your iPod while you walk, run, cycle, hike or hit the gym.

4. Set F.A.I.T.H. Goals

You are 42% more likely to reach your goals if they are written down, according to Gail Mathews from the Dominican University of California, and 76% more likely to reach your goals if they’re written down and shared with a friend. Be prayerful and invite God to join and lead you on your health and fitness journey.

Following this acronym, and write out your goals.

F: Faith-filled and specific
A: Accountable
I: Inspiring
T: Timely
H: Healthy – Faith-Filled and Specify A –

“Motivate and inspire yourself by collecting scriptures like Phil” 4:13.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you — including making the right decisions in the midst of the temptation to make poor choices.

5. Go to God, not food

When your emotions are getting the best of you, Google what the Bible says about what you’re going through versus reaching for food to numb the pain. The CDC states the 85% of diseases are caused by emotions so get in the word and let it heal you.

6. Eat God-Made Versus Man-Made Foods

God gave us everything we need to be healthy. His foods are whole and in their natural state. Consider the difference between an apple and a donut. You were made by God, so choose the foods He made for you to eat. This is as simple as shopping the perimeter of the grocery store versus the aisles lined with processed man-made foods.

7. Try a Christian Fitness DVD

Many DVDs sell how to become the hottest version of yourself, but God wants your focus on Him — not your body or any other vain motivation. Combine your faith with your fitness and workout to a Christian Fitness DVD like F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation.

It’s important to note that Healthy and Fit is an outfit that looks different on Every Body. We are not all supposed to look the same, so don’t waste another second beating yourself up for the way God made you. He made you perfect. You have His DNA.

If you feel like you’ve lost hope, or perhaps it never occurred to you that God cared about this aspect of your life, please download a free chapter of my book “10 Steps to F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation” and learn how combining faith with fitness is the answer you’ve been looking for.

I promise it will change your life.

Get Healthy, Happy & FIT God’s Way,