It’s just the end of January and so many people have already told me they are giving up on their 2016 fitness resolutions.

Does this sound like you, sweet friend?

If your answer was yes, may I offer you some encouraging news?

You can have a LASTING resolution when you do fitness with Christ! God wants our dependence to be on HIM alone, not on food. Extreme diet plans, being hyper-focused on numbers, elimination diets, and so on won’t last because nothing outside of Christ ever will.

This might come as a surprise to you, but we can rock out our health and fitness with God. In fact? He wants us to.

Take a look at my 5 Ps and practice them at every meal

  • 1. Pause – Take an opportunity to think before you eat. Ask yourself: Am I eating for comfort? Am I addressing emotions? Am I really hungry? Once you address your purpose for eating, doing so in a healthy manner is effortless.
  • 2. Pray – Invite God to the table with you. Ask God to help you eat the right God-made foods; the proper servings; and for discipline to take care of your body (His temple). Don’t forget to surrender your appetite and any possible urge to binge to Him. I use the S.A.F.E. acronym to remind myself to do this – Surrender Appetite Faithfully Everyday.
  • 3. Portion – Look at your portion sizes and make sure they correct (example: the palm of your hand is equivalent to a serving of protein; carbs are the size of your fist; a serving of salad should fit inside your two hands cupped together.) Refrain from eating out of bags or boxes. This is a gateway to mindless/binge eating.
  • 4. Practice – Eat slowly. Take small bites and savor your food! Try to put your fork on your plate between bites so you enjoy your food. Think of your food as nourishment and fuel, rather than a reward.
  • 5. Plan – Make a plan ahead of time. You will greatly benefit by having healthy, God-made foods available to you at all times. Bring food along with you. I love this food container for meals and snacks on-the-go. You can easily grab hummus, peppers, Ezekiel bread, peanut butter, meat roll-ups, nuts, etc.). These things travel very well and you will be prepared when the only option in front of you is drive-through food. After all, it pays to plan ahead because we never make good decisions when we are hangry!

You are WORTH the time it takes to plan. You are worth the investment. All of this will fuel your motivation when you see yourself succeed.

May I offer you a couple more tips on doing fitness with Christ, friends?

  • Stand up for yourself at restaurants. Restaurants will arrange healthy food options for you if you just ask. Be bold – ask for substitutions and alternative cooking methods if you can’t find something that suits you. You are worth it! God only made one of you and you deserve to take care of yourself.
  • Be sure to eat God-made foods, as opposed to man-made. God designed our bodies and He knew exactly what they would need to survive; He also designed plants, animals, grains, and water to fuel our body very well. Packaged foods are often full of chemicals that weren’t originally designed for consumption as food – this is why they quickly make us unhealthy. Be sure to keep that thought in mind, and consider it every time you sit down to eat.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on how to do fitness with Christ! This method is proven. I’m blessed to share it has worked for thousands of women including myself.

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Get Healthy, Happy and Fit God’s Way,