If you find yourself feeling frazzled trying to plan everything perfectly, running around shopping for the best gifts, and trying to make your home look like a Hallmark card, it’s time to take the stress out of Christmas and make this special time about the true meaning, Christ.

The pressure and stress this time of year can make us feel really empty and miserable. I have to confess, I know this because I wrote this in my journal, ‘What is my problem? It’s Christmas, and I’m stressed out and not enjoying my favorite time of year.’

The truth is I had fallen out of my morning routine and it was obvious that my daily time with God, in the Word and prayer, was the glue holding me together on a regular basis. I had been so intent on my perfect Christmas that I got my priorities mixed up.

Don’t we all wait to “have the time” instead of doing what we know is good for us? Well, that time will never just land in our laps. Even if we do have the time to do what’s good for us, we will likely find other ways to spend it. We need to prioritize and actively make the time to do things that will bring us closer to faith inspired living, because when the inside is right the outside will follow.

Action Steps to Keep Christ in Christmas:

Trade stress for joy and busyness for peace.

“The Joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Change perspective from “have to” to “able to.” If the thought of all you have to do for Christmas is stressing you out, challenge yourself to have a perspective shift.

Consider the families that would give anything to spend this Christmas with their loved ones that have passed away or the people that are struggling with serious diseases. The truth is, if you and your family can be together and you all have your health and you know Jesus, you have ALL you need.

Choose to fill your heart with gratitude and Christ this Christmas and refuse the trappings of the world to overspend, neglect your spiritual, emotional and physical health and miss the joy and real purpose of Christmas.

The greatest gifts you can give can’t be found under the Christmas tree.

Spend time: quality time, engaged time with your children, spouse, family and friends.

Serve Buy or donate toys and clothes to charities, volunteer to serve food, write cards to people serving in the military or children without parents.

Share Jesus you might be the only Jesus someone ever knows.

Will you follow these steps and challenge yourself?

Don’t miss it! CHRISTmas will be over before you know it.

Merry Christmas!

With love, from my family to yours,