1. Have coffee with yourself and seriously consider what your specific goals are.
Existing isn’t living, pursue the life you want.
Break your goals into the daily behaviors necessary to accomplish them.
2. Find your workout passion. Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread. Hike, take up dance, buy a bike, or train for a cause like a marathon. Treat workouts like an appointment. They are the best happy pill, stress reliever and energy giver you’ll ever find!
3. Keep watch over your thoughts and words. Start the morning thinking about 3 things you’re grateful for. *Gratitude always puts a smile on your face.
4. Share what you’ve learned by inviting other people on your health journey. Teach them recipes and your fitness tips. Utilize social media to share information and hold yourself accountable.
5. Learn to cook your favorite foods in a healthy way. Food makes us happy! Invite friends and family over to cook together and make memories!
Here to Help you Get Happy, Healthly, & FIT