Are your legs and glutes where you want them to be? Frustrated with the condition of my legs, I decided to take some of my cardio and leg training to my backyard. If your results have stagnated, and your legs aren’t where you’d like them to be, try incorporating Sprints. After three months of adding them to my training twice a week, I noticed my former flatter glutes higher and rounder. As well as an increase in fat loss, tighter skin, and more separation in my IT band: that’s the line that runs vertically down your thigh visually separating your quad and hamstring. Get outside and run! Doing all your training on machines is great, but I have to admit I’ve noticed the biggest changes taking it outside. Benefits I’ve noticed from Sprinting include:

    • They’re convenient. You can do them at or near your home, at a park or high school. I do them at home in my yard.
    • You can do them with your kids.
    • Time saver: quick home workout.
    • Increased fat loss all over.
    • Higher fuller glutes, tighter legs, and more definition.
    • Incredible endorphin release.
    • Results!

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