Are your lower ABS your trouble spot too? Transforming my overweight and unhealthy body in my 30′s was extremely difficult. The learning curve was brutal. I didn’t know how to exercise or eat right. My lower stomach has always been an area I struggle with, so I have found these tips very useful. Although we can’t spot train, there are key things that reduce our waist size.

Try my top 5 tricks and see if they help.
1. Mix up your Cardio. Get off the same old cardio machine and run outside or take a new class.
2. Take Yoga. Certain poses are amazing at whittling your middle and detoxifying your body.
3. Consider trying an anti-inflammatory diet. A simple fix is exchanging your morning oats for a gluten-free option. *This has greatly reduced that bloated look on me.
4. Trade in large meals for 6-7 mini meals. In order to shrink my waist, I have to eat small meals every 3 hours. Always combine protein, healthy fats and low glycemic high-fiber carbs to keep blood sugar and energy consistent and cravings under control.
5. Pick different AB exercises. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Focus on form, not doing a ton of reps, and always breath correctly by exhaling on exertion.
Cheers to our toned summer ABS!
Here to Help you Get Happy, Healthy, and FIT,
Thank you, Paul Buceta for capturing this image.