I wrote Fit God‘s way because it has all the answers I wish someone would have given me. It was the book I needed. I remember how it felt to be desperate to lose weight and want to feel good in my body. 

Doing it the world's way never worked. I’d lose weight and gain it back and it took an emotional toll on me.  One day I cried out to God and asked Him to help me, and He did. 

He changed me. He set me free from dieting failures and body image issues and as your sister in Christ, I want that for you too. 

If you want answers on how to invite God into your fitness, your food, your body image, answers about how to get fit, how to eat, how to work out, how to overcome body image issues, how to activate your faith, how to think fit thoughts, how to create accountability, how to set goals, how to stay motivated, and how to create a daily plan, a simple plan that you can actually do, and so much more including a Q&A section that answers every question you could have. This book is for you!

Fit God’s way is the comprehensive Bible-based guide to food, fitness, and wholeness every Christian woman needs, it has helped 10s of thousands of women find success. Now it's your turn!

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