“How can you hold your family together, if you’re falling apart?”

Sometimes the mommy hat can hide who you are. Isn’t it easy to feel like you disappear, trying to balance the roles of mom, wife, and work?
Moments alone are few, but there’s something very telling within them. When the rush stops and time alone starts, do you feel like you’re taking care of yourself?
Are you happy with yourself and your health? If not, it’s time for a change.
Being honest I have to share that when I’m not eating right, neither is my family. As the core of the family, moms decide what food comes into the house and we dictate the mood in the home. Feeling the difference my commitment to healthy living makes shows me the importance of leading by example.
Check out my top tips for becoming a Fit Mom and having a Fit Family:

1. Get healthy from the inside out.

Strengthening my spirit has enabled me to get healthy. Getting the outside fit when the inside is starved for attention isn’t going to produce lasting results. Connect to your spiritual self by spending time in prayer and thinking about what you’re thinking about. Schedule time alone each day. Check in with yourself. Understanding what you’re feeling goes a long way in combating emotional eating and other self-sabotaging behaviors. Journal your thoughts and check in with you.

2. Working out in the morning.

Ugh, did you just cringe. I know I get it, but I promise if you do it you’ll get hooked. The endorphin release and energy are the best happy pill a mom can get! Standing in the shower when I’m done is the best feeling. Starting the day with a jolt of energy and sense of accomplishment is empowering. And not to mention you have the whole day now to do what you need to do without any “I should’ve worked out” guilt!

3. Cook!

Learning to meal plan and prep makes all the difference in being a fit mom and having a fit family. Food is very challenging for me, if I could I would eat chips and guacamole every day…but I don’t! Learning to make all our favorite foods in a healthy way has made this a doable lifestyle. My Sunday ritual is to do laundry and bake meat, sweet potatoes and chop veggies, so try buying groceries with a menu for the week planned. Having healthy meals and snacks available makes the eating clean throughout the week a breeze. You’ll build hours back into your day with this tip.

4. Stop comparing and start practicing self-compassion.

Why do we celebrate other people’s accomplishments and belittle our own? Comparing doesn’t make sense. How can you be someone else? You can’t! There is only one you, and no one can ever be you, so that make’s you unique and very special. Try self-compassion. The next time you start the negative self-talk make a conscious choice to speak to yourself the way you would a best-friend. When we compare ourselves to others, it’s either you’re better or they’re better and neither is good. How about we celebrate each other and give ourselves a break?

5. Get organized.

If you’re unorganized, I bet you’re frustrated! Have a daily, weekly and monthly plan. Become a schedule girl and bring a focused mindset to your day. Watch distractions and self-manage them. For example, if you’re not finishing work or exercising because you’re posting on social networking and texting all day, you’re out of balance. Your health should come before that. Have a plan and work to execute it. People always say they don’t have time, but we all have the same amount of time. Spend it wisely.

6. Be grateful and keep your perspective.

Rather than feel overwhelmed and stressed about all we have to do for our families, try feeling grateful and blessed to have them. I know this can be hard when your day is spinning out of control, but the next time you’re ready to lose it – hit the pause button. Pause and pray to renew your mind. Experiencing a lot of death in my family has taught me to keep my perspective and not let the little things get to me. See the bigger picture and get out of the little details.
Moms, you are the core of the family. With all you do, you have to take care of you. Your decisions determine the health and happiness of your family.

A happy-healthy mom makes a happy-healthy family.
Our families shouldn’t be the reason we don’t take care of ourselves, they should be the reason we do.
So exhale and take care of yourself.

Here to get you healthy, happy, and F.I.T.,