What People Are Saying About F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation

Holding the first copy of my book felt surreal, but nothing compares to the feedback I’ve received from people who are thrilled to be free from:

  • Struggling with multiple failed diet attempts
  • Feeling bad about themselves
  • Thinking that has paralyzed their progress in life

From the World to the Word

The world promises that you can get rich, thin or happy quick, but once you’ve tried all the gimmicks and fallen into the traps of living under the scrutiny of feeling less than, you’ll realize you’re so much more and that only God can meet you in your excuses, emotional eating and self-sabotaging way of thinking and set your life back on a course of faith-inspired living.

What People Are Saying About F.I.T.

My heart is overwhelmed to share what people are saying about F.I.T., and I’d love to take credit for it, but truthfully I can’t – it’s all God!

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Getting You Healthy, Happy and FIT God’s Way,


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