The most important rule for looking your best at the beach is to eat. When we skip meals, it backfires every time. Healthy food choices are your body’s source of fuel and they are vital for achieving a tight-toned physique.
Follow this simple trick to eat your way to a bikini body:
Do the Do’s by focusing on all the foods you need to eat versus thinking about all the foods you can’t.
Tips & Guidelines:
• Eat a minimum of five times a day, three meals and two snacks.
• Do not skip any meals or snacks.
• Drink water, and teas, and avoid caffeinated beverages and sugary juices.
• Eat breakfast, Break-the-fast! If you’re not a breakfast person, enjoy a meal replacement shake.
• Pack snacks; shakes, raw nuts, veggies, fresh fruit, healthy leftovers, rice cakes, nut butter, protein pancakes, greek yogurt and cottage cheese.
• Eat Lunch enjoy a well-balanced meal of lean protein, healthy carbs, veggies, and good fats.
• At each meal include lean protein, low glycemic carbs, and healthy fats.
• At dinnertime make a large salad with lean protein, your favorite veggies, and if you like creamy dressing mix a tbsp of what you usually use with Greek yogurt to keep the consistency and get rid of the extra calories.

When you begin your day with a healthy breakfast you’re not tempted to grab a muffin or donut at the office. When you’ve packed your snacks, you’re prepared and ward off hunger pains before they strike – so long sugar fix at 4 PM. Then at dinnertime you’re ready to eat a healthy meal and not so ravenous you’re ready to order a pizza.
Focusing on all the “do’s” takes the emphasis off the “don’ts!”

Frequent mini-meals balance your blood sugar, gets rid of cravings, provides energy, and consistent eating keeps your mind of junk food. I promise! See if it works for you, and try this for a week. Please let tell me what you think?
Summer is here – time for the beach!

Here to Help Get Your Mind, Body & Soul FIT,