You know that feeling you get when you watch a great movie? It has a way of drawing you in and making you think. That’s how I felt this weekend after I watched that movie Secretariat. I couldn’t help but identify with the themes of not giving up, and believing in something that no one else believes is possible.

Have you ever believed something to be true without any proof? That’s how fitness has always been for me. Deciding to compete in fitness in my 30’s and return to fitness competitions after having my daughter in my 40’s was a farfetched goal.  When I started, I was so weak, I couldn’t even do a pushup, I and didn’t have any dance background. I remember people telling me, learning gymnastics in your 30’s is impossible. There’s an inner strength that comes from pushing what people think aside and believing in what you know you’re capable of. FAP_Routine

I pray someone will read this, and they’ll feel that tug in their heart. Being out of shape does not mean your fit days are over. Fitness is for everyone, at any age or stage.

Accomplishing my fitness goals has made me feel alive, capable, and for the first time in my life I feel like I can do anything.…even perform a fitness routine in front of a crowd. After I watched the movie, I wrote this quote in my journal- “You’ve already won when you made the decision not to quit.”

Have you given up? Do you have a goal you know you can achieve?

Don’t quit on yourself! Believe in you and have faith to see your goals through.

Get Healthy, Happy & Fit God’s Way,