I’m excited to share this inspiring Christian Health and Fitness Interview with Michelle Myers.

Let’s take a look at how combining Faith with Fitness changes lives!

Hi Michelle, Please tells us about you.

First of all, I’m a child of God, and I wake up daily, excited & humbled for the opportunity serve Him. My earthly job I’m most passionate about is being the wife to my husband (who is a pastor) and mom to our two boys – ages 4 & 1. After a 4-year battle with anorexia, God restored me to health, and has given me the redeeming opportunity to create fitness as part of my ministry.

I have a faith-based clothing line called Cross Training Couture, which inspires me daily. I also run fitness challenge groups monthly where I help a small group of women each month make positive changes in their physical & spiritual health. My latest ministry passion is for She Works His Way, my ministry that encourages women to pursue Christ, serve their families well & use their gifts to bless others.

Do you follow a specific nutrition or training plan?

Even though I am a personal trainer & capable of creating my own workouts, I’ll be honest: I do better when someone else is pushing me too! Due to my schedule with multiple businesses & small kiddos, I prefer to work out at home around 5am. (I’m one of those weirdos who loves early mornings!) I’ve partnered with Beachbody, so I rotate our home workouts in my schedule. Recently, I’ve completed T-25, Insanity Max30, Pi-Yo, and I’m getting ready to begin the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Have you struggled with body image or eating disorder?

I spent about 4 years dealing with anorexia & compulsive over-exercise. I know first hand that it’s every bit as unhealthy to be underweight as it is to be overweight. Skinny does not equal healthy, and I’m so grateful to live in His grace every day that pulled me out of the pit in believing that thin was best. I’ve written a book sharing my story & recovery called The Look that Kills: An Anorexic’s Addiction to Control.

Do you think your health is important to God?

Absolutely. God calls us to stewardship over every area of our lives, and our health is no exception. He reminds us that our bodies are temples because the Holy Spirit lives in us (1 Corinthians 6:19). When we have physical limitations, that means we are limited in how God can use us. My motivation in caring for my health stems from my desire that if God calls me to do something, I have no physical limitations to hold me back from His best.

Do you think it’s vain to be involved in fitness?

I think we have to be careful to make sure our health convictions are rooted in glorifying our Creator vs. glorifying the creation. It’s a heart issue above all. There are definitely ways to be involved in fitness that are completely rooted in self-glorification & vanity. However, I also believe that there’s a way to prioritize our health simply as another way of submitted to God’s plan for our lives. We must consistently check our motives & pray God will rid us of any selfish ambition.

Does your family follow your healthy habits?

My husband and I make a great team. Where my tendency is to go overboard in caring about every detail, he brings me back to a place of moderation. Our boys love a variety of nutrient-rich foods, and they love being active. I’m passionate about helping our boys learn healthy foods that taste great & how much better they feel when they’re active & rest well.

Do you have any advice for Christian parents trying to get their kids healthy?

We have an incredible opportunity to shape our kids in so many areas, and their health is no different. We tend to get into the mindset that kids have “crazy active metabolisms” or “it doesn’t matter yet,” but the reality is, we are helping them develop habits that could potentially stay with them for a lifetime. If we take the time to evaluate our lives, many of our unhealthy habits stem back to childhood. Let’s give our kids a leg up by starting them strong & setting a solid foundation in their health.

What is your personal belief in combining faith and fitness?

I know God made me on purpose & with purpose. He gave me a story to use for His glory. I always say, “Fitness is my witness.” So for me, fitness is a tool. It’s a way to use a passion God placed in my heart as a way to get in people’s lives. Of course, I love helping people have a physical transformation, but I always pray that while that may be the beginning point, it’s not the ending point. My goal is to leave people more aware & more in awe of the God who created them.

How do you feel being a Christian has helped you with your health goals? Any go to scriptures?

I have many, but Romans 8:37 stands out to me: “No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” I had a long road to recovery after 4 years of destructive habits, but NOTHING is too difficult for those of us who are in Christ. If He’s called us to it, He will enable us with His strength to get it done. This verse reminds me of what He’s brought me through, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity not to just have survived my past, but to be declared as “More than a Conqueror!”

What advice do you have for Christians looking to get healthy?

I know many people quote Philippians 4:13, but what’s so powerful about that verse is that it’s more about contentment than it is about strength. Paul is saying that no matter what our circumstances are, our identity & our strength comes from Christ. There’s NOTHING He can’t overcome. So today, no matter where you are: whether you are underweight like I used to be, you’re overweight, your strength to overcome your struggle will be unleashed when you decide to be content with where God has you NOW. Not 10 lbs. from now or a 6-pack away, but NOW. Contentment is the secret weapon in the Christian life, and I believe this can be true in our health journeys.

With topics like Parenting, Finances and Marriage taught in Church, do you think it would help to include teaching about living a healthy lifestyle and having a body image consistent with the word of God?

Absolutely! We live in an appearance-saturated & disease-filled world. I’ve told my husband for years, “I truly believe if Christians could stand out as leaders in health, family & finances, we would have people knocking down church doors to figure out what we’re doing right.” But it doesn’t have to look like a church-inspired program, and it’s not just the responsibility of pastors. Let’s be the hands & feet of Jesus & teach those He puts in our path.

Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Michelle.

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